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Women and baptism

In the Old Testament, a male only ritual signified being a Jew–circumcision.

In the New Testament, becoming a follower of Jesus is symbolized by baptism–something any believer, male or female, can obey.

Not only that, but women can baptize too (Matthew 28:18-20)

Just sayin’…

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It is strange that you selected a photo from Mars Hill church in Seattle, since that church is known for its oppressive and controlling atmosphere which excludes women from leadership above certain levels.

Fran, I wondered who would pick up on that! My usual site for photos was down, and this was an old one I had. It’s the only reason I used it. My bad!

Yea really..what difference does it make about who is doing the baptism as far as the flesh is the old covenant only males could be cut up but this is the covenant of new wine so wake up people let’s get into the spirit and stop worrying about the flesh

I wish we could take pictures of the baptisms that my husband and I do for the women at the state women’s prison! Together with the woman who leads our team, we baptize approximately 20 once every summer. It is in the summer because there is no place inside for performing baptisms. We use a portable tank made of coated canvas on a metal frame. We always pray for a sunny day because the water has to be heated by the sun since there is no hot water available in the part of the outdoor exercise yard that we have to use. Each women receives a personal word of encourage from our team leader as she exits the tank after being dunked!

Notice that Matthew 28:18-20 was a command given to “the eleven”, a clear reference to the eleven remaining disciples of Jesus – who were all men. Just thought it may be important to point that out…

Are you implying that only men were true Jews and a part of the old covenant seeing as only they could be circumcised?

I guess I don’t understand what this proves? What are you saying with this post? Women can be baptized? Certainly. What does that signify?

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