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Where in the world is the church?

During World War II, my father was a prisoner of war under the Japanese. He, and those with him, endured unspeakable atrocities for more than three years. Although I was protected from all the details as I was growing up, it dominated our family in many ways. Looking back on it now, I’m fairly sure he would have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. It affected him for most of the rest of his life.

Today we have troops coming home from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are many veterans from the Vietnam War. Yesterday I came across these horrifying statistics. More than 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Every day. That’s one every 65 minutes. It’s more than are dying in combat.

Where in the world is the church? Surely Jesus has an answer.

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Thanks for the wake up call! Spot on. There are key cultural crossroads at which the Body can either just keep moving on its pre-planned road… and I think God honors that path. Or, the Body can recognize that all the muscles, tendons, hands and heart that we possess are designed to be exercised in something other than ‘keeping moving’. I think the issue you present is one of those ‘Aha’ moments of awakening; the Church -micro and mega- has hope, healing, restoration, and rediscovered destiny that those oppressed by PTSD and compassion fatigue need.
Let’s sharpen our tools, open our doors, and let Him minister to the wounded in our midst. Most communities have skilled and Jesus-following caregivers and counselors who can point us to skill-development trainings. We do this stuff in Africa for traumatized orphans,vulnerable children, their caregivers, the HIV ravaged community, and over-weary missionaries; I think it’s also time to bring ‘missions’ lessons to the home front.
Thanks again. I hear you.

Just read what I wrote… hope I don’t sound ‘preachy’. Still, Felicity’s word is a ‘now-now’ clarion call to many of us.

That makes sense the way the institutional church are set up they do a little bit of good for a lot in stead of doing a lot of good for a little bit of people, the way house churches do. Much more can be accomplished if we follow Christ design!

There are some out there who will not agree with anything I am about to post. I remember the first time I went to a Benny Hinn worship service. My mind thought Benny was a charlatan, but my heart wanted to believe. After having attended that venue, I can advise that beyond my comprehension, that the Holy Spirit was there and was funneling through Benny like a singer to a mic. I have since come to realize that God desires to use all of his believers in a manner similar to that of people like Benny, in simple terms God’s looking for vessels. Now I recall having had Sozo (Bethel Church Redding deliverance ministry) training via the video series, and again i thought initially that the training was hokey and fake… I was wrong . God wants to work through people, however His people are sometimes ignorant of His ways (in the sense of partnering with the Holy Spirit) and have forgotten what they have access too. God is our healer. Medicine needs to be administered to. God I ask that your Holy Spirit teach us how to stay in fellowship with you so that your big flashlight (Holy Spirit) can illuminate the pains, hurts and lies people are holding on to. And yes (for the legalistic), there will be times when Christians will have to seek a referral, such as Teen Challenge, or Cleansing Streams, but if the Body were better equipped less referrals would be needed.

Jesus is the answer. But how will they know if know one tells them, right? We as the church surely have failed in many areas – but it’s not too late for a wake-up call. Thanks Felicity.

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