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What you focus on counts

Over the many years I’ve been a follower of Jesus, I’ve noticed a trend. What I focus on makes a difference.

Every few years, it seems the Lord leads me to study a certain area/doctrine. Often it’s a matter of necessity. For example, when we lived in a very poor inner city area for many years, there were so many people with major problems, I longed to find a way to help them.

Usually my study comes in the form of questions. I’ll think of all the things I want to know about the topic and then read the Bible noting every verse I can find that provides an answer. As I study, I’ll make copious notes, and read different books on the topic. Finally, I’ll usually write a summary of what I’ve found. Sometimes the subject will occupy me for  a few weeks; other times two to three years.

At the same time, I find myself involved in that area in a practical way too. It’s as though God is giving me not just the theoretical background but a useful skill set too. And then I find God uses me in whatever area it is I’ve spent time on to train others.

Some examples:

I spent two years looking at inner healing and deliverance–and have not only spent time with many people to see them set free, I’ve trained others to do the same.

When we moved here to the States, I spent much time looking at church from a different perspective–now I write books on the topic and we’re involved in training simple/organic church planters.

For years, but especially the last two to three years, I’ve been looking at the topic of women–and I’ve just finished compiling a book on this subject. Who knows where this will go.

God wires us all in different ways. I’ve been trained to think and study, and so some of this comes naturally to me. But I’ve also learned to take notice when I find myself with an interest in a certain topic or a focus on a certain need. Who knows what God wants to accomplish through that if I’ll follow it through.

Have any of you found the same?

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Yes. It’s this way for me too! The last year or so there have been two themes that seem to emerge: Listening to God–thanks in part to your ebook and the absolute “necessity” in simple church / discipleship. For the last six months or so it has been understanding the role of the imagination in the life of believers. I think this has been in part because the Lord wants me to feel free to explore creative endeavors and understand how they glorify Him and point to Him, even if not in name.

Gavin, understanding the role of the imagination sounds fascinating. When you’re done, I’d be interested in a guest post on the topic.

HI Felicity,

Thank you for sharing your experience….. I was speaking about that to my husband. I didn’t know if my desire to research on women was a desire to redeem myself or from God…..I have always been interested in women’s rights, even since High School…. Nevertheless, I have a tendency to double guess myself and more so if I find opposition. Having said that, I have been looking into the topic of women for a while now to find that more and more people have been prompted in that direction as well (Scholars, Theologians, etc.)… For the longest it was a non-issue for me… until now that I am in hands-on ministry. Another aspect that I have been working in is in discipleship and my husband and I are currently working through a discipleship session or program with 19 people. The church has lacked good discipleship for the past decades. The brothers and sisters are blown-away with what they were missing out,..

God bless you,

I love the sound of your discipleship group. Outstanding.

I understand your ambivalence towards the topic of women. I was the same way for many years but it was always an undercurrent for me. It’s only been the last three or four years I’ve delved into it fully

Yea the human mind is very active in thoughts and I like to have my thoughts controlled by my ontological relationship I have with the being of god living in me causing me to think as he directs me then I know his thoughts are my thoughts.

Thanks for checking out the ministry website Felicity! Glad you enjoyed it. Seeing God is a way to describe those moments when we experience Him personally – through revelation, movement in the spirit, etc. Seeing Him with the eyes of our heart, soul and/or mind…

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