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Heroines of the faith: Blandina

Blandina was martyred in AD 177.  A slave, she and her master were part of a Christian community in Lyon,  (now in France). They were among a number of people who were arrested and brought to trial in the forum under the imperial legate in the reign of Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Those who renounced their faith were released, but those who persisted in claiming they were Christians were condemned to torture and death.

Blandina was frail and those arrested with her were afraid she would not be able to stand firm. She was tortured for so long that her torturers became exhausted and “did not know what more they could do to her.”  They had never know an woman suffer that much and for so long. Whatever question they asked her, the response was the same. “I am a Christian, and we commit no wrongdoing.”

Blandina was bound to a stake and wild beasts were let loose, but according to legend, they didn’t touch her. She survived longer than all the other martyrs, but finally she was scourged, enclosed in a net and trampled by a bull. She was eventually killed with a dagger. Several days later, the bodies of the martyrs were burned and the ashes thrown into the Rhone river.

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