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Women, know your limits!

One of the things I miss most from the UK is the British sense of humor. It’s dry, and often quite subtle.

Here’s a hilarious example–but one that packs a punch. (Thank you, Graeme, for sending me the link.) As women, we may not face social limits in the same way, but we do have boundaries in the church.

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Felicity, this was so funny. Unfortunately I believe some are truly of this mindset that women should know their limits. I am encouraged by your blogs on women in ministry, as we are all one in Christ and as women we MUST boldly use our talents and gifts as God leads – as we are accountable to no man, but God alone.

Thanks for sharing.

Lisa, thanks for your encouragement! If we fail to use our talents and gifts as God leads, then not only do we miss out (as in the parable of the talents–we won’t receive more), but so does the whole body of Christ.

yes, this was funny – I missed out on the Harry Enfield years on TV as I was too busy being spiritual I think 😉
However, that jogged my memory on something more recent – from a BBC4 comedy re. The Suffragettes, called ‘Up The Women.’
This bit was what it reminded me of (the background is that electric light is about to be installed in the church hall where a group of women meet).

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