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Healing through foot washing

Twenty or so of us were gathered in a circle. I don’t even remember how the topic came up. But one of the men at the conference, tears running down his face, repented deeply on behalf of the men in the church for all the wrongs that have been perpetrated against women down through the centuries, and specifically prayed for healing for any of the women in the group who had been hurt. He offered to wash the feet of the women. Other men prayed too, saying sorry for how their own attitudes had caused pain and suffering to women and committing to change. It was a Holy Spirit moment. Tears flowed freely–both men and women.

Then the men washed the women’s feet. They prayed over us, releasing us into whatever destinies God might have for us.

Was the foot washing the important part? No, but it spoke volumes. What mattered was the men understood at a deep level how the marginalization of women has damaged the body of Christ and were prepared to both repent and commit to change.

I was one who had been hurt by the attitude of the church towards women. For me, it was a profoundly healing time–and the same for the other women present. I view it as one of the events that released me into any ministry I now have.

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Kristina, you are right. I think it impacted the men equally. It’s not just women who are affected by the traditional attitude of the church.

My heart was greatly stirred by what you have shared here, Felicity. I, too, have been deeply hurt by attitudes of those in authority in the church about women. I so appreciate you sharing so much on this topic, and especially this post.

Thanks, Sharon. I’ve had this happen two or three times–men repenting on behalf of the church–and each time it has been profound for the women present. I long for the day to come that these things are no longer an issue, but that women are accepted as equals in Christ, able to function as led by the Holy Spirit without man-made limitations.

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