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Stories from the church that meets in our home

I love the church that meets in our home. We are so blessed! How does one communicate the fun that we have just being together–the laughter and warmth as we share a meal? The joy in having visitors with us?

Usually we start the “spiritual” part of our time together by asking a question: “What has God done for anyone this week?”

This last Friday the following happened:

  • The “miracle baby” was with us for the first time and we celebrated God’s goodness to the family again.
  • A businessman shared how he had held a grudge against someone who had cheated him over a year ago. This week he finally forgave the person and his business took a sudden upswing.
  • A young woman shared how God has just set her free from years of incredible darkness with many medications. She’s a completely different person. It all happened following prayer.
  • A lady who was given a Bible at her baptism in December just finished reading the whole book through for the first time.
There were other great things shared too and we spent most of our time in praise and thanksgiving for God’s love and mercy and in prayer for each other.

God is so good!



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I believe in miracles, still! Hallelujah to God for the miracle baby in your midst. How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…

I love the fact that you focussed on simple things in writing about what happened as you met.

Life is amazingly complex, yet it’s also extremely simple. It’s a paradox that it’s the simple things that provide by far the greatest hope and joy and encouragement.

Jesus, we really do want to see you at the centre of all we do and think and say.

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