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Speaking as one who is searching for a title for a book on women, I think Unladylike by Pam Hogeweide is a brilliant one.


In this book, Pam describes her own journey from acceptance of the status quo (that women are somehow second class in the church and that gender inequality is acceptable) to her current conviction that women are equal in every way. One of the things that most struck me about the book was how Pam makes the issue of marginalization of women by the church into one of justice rather than theology. Christians are supposed to stand up for the downtrodden and oppressed, and it is sad that often the church herself is responsible for injustice and lack of dignity towards women.  This is one of the areas the book I’m co-writing on women covers, so it was of special interest to me.

Pam also covers the topics of complementarianism versus egalitarianism, and how women can resist resignation. One of her practical suggestions is for “listening gatherings” for women.

Pam writes interestingly and the book is a compelling read. I recommend it.

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