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Are moms with young kids too busy to involve in the Kingdom?

Is it possible for a busy wife and mother to be involved in Kingdom work? Some people would say that women with young kids simply don’t have the time. But I’ve come across several very creative moms who are living life to the full, enjoying their children–and acting as ambassadors for the Kingdom at the same time. Here’s a great example from Judy Russell who sent me this facebook message a few days ago.

I’ve heard you speak about the role or lack of role of women in Christian communities and thought you would like to hear about something amazing going on over here in Santa Cruz, CA with moms and kids. 

I started a new type of play date group about 3 1/2 years ago called the Bible Experience. Our play dates consist of picking a Bible verse and doing it with our children. We are a mix of moms from different faith backgrounds and current beliefs, but all open to practicing scripture since it reflects common values such as generosity, kindness, creativity, etc.

For example, our next Bible Experience will be held at a local (secular) nursing home. We will be putting into practice Luke 2:11-14 by Christmas Caroling with our children. 

Our previous Bible experience was help at a (secular) family shelter where we put into practice John 4:16 by making placemats with the moms and children staying there. Our children played alongside the resident children and made friends with them. A while back we went to a local park and put up signs for free face painting and the scripture verse 1 Samuel 16:7.

There are many other examples. Check us out on facebook and Pinterest.

Sorry this is so long-winded, but the Bible Experience has reached moms in and outside the church, disciples our children, and is transforming lives. I just wanted to share it you.

What kind of creative ideas have you come across?

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This is awesome! Thank you for sharing what other mom’s are doing. God has recently told us that our home will become a place to teach and care for pregnant teen girls. This home is not even built yet. We bought the land several years ago intending to use it for a small family farm and now God has shown us many more ways our little farm will be used to help our church and community. Things are getting started next week. Connections are being made with the local Crisis pregnancy center. God told us he will build it but we have to put ourselves out there and let people know what he wants to do. I’m excited to start seeing things unfold as his perfect plan comes to fruition.

This was very encouraging, just this morning God was reminding me that I have 3 disciples living in my house! I then started thinking of ways that I could bring Jesus more into their lives, on their level and in fun ways….

I’ve found prayer walking with a baby in his stroller works great! 😀
Also, our simple church has been experiencing some issues with parenting problems,I contacted a group that will come to us as a group and give us “parenting classes” for a few weeks, incorporated into our house church time. Practical parenting advice teamed with Christ’s and eachother’s help=praise God!

Hi Felicity, I enjoy your blog and your thoughts. As a Mum of 4 kids, including 2 preschoolers still at home most of the time, I find myself always involved in “ministry” – to my own kids, to their friends and to the Mums of their friends. I think it’s a great time of life to be deeply relational with people. I also get the opportunity to blog in my spare time ( I am grateful for this time of life – but I’m also really looking forward to having all four of them at school in 2 years time!


Thank you for the encouragement about this blog. It seems that every phase of life has its opportunities and blessings–and its share of challenges too. As always, it’s a question of listening to the Lord and doing what he says, and he finds ways to make our lives fruitful.

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