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The church moves west (part 3)

One of the most outstanding church planting movements of our time is going on in India. Victor Choudhrie has written a book, Greet the Church in Your House detailing the principles behind this movement. It will come out as a Kindle book in September. This post is the final part (first part starts here) of a section from the foreword I have written for the book.

The influence of the church continues its march back to Jerusalem. The Muslim nations are just beginning to see their own extraordinary moves of the Holy Spirit as sheikhs, imams and even whole mosques are finding freedom through becoming followers of Isa, Jesus the Christ.

An interesting point: the speed of what God is doing is increasing exponentially. What took centuries in times past now takes decades. What took decades is now happening in a few short years. If the present rate of growth continues, India has the potential to become a Christian nation.

The march of Christianity around the globe has almost gone full circle, each wave of recovered truth building upon the last. The tide continues to advance. What will happen next? I believe that even as the world grows darker, we will see a harvest of historic proportions, this time covering the whole world. But if we are to experience the kind of growth we have longed and prayed for, we need to adopt the principles that the Holy Spirit has already revealed through the waves of church history.

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I’ve really enjoyed this series, Felicity. Thanks! The only problem is that the posts are too short! 😉 Or at least there aren’t enough of them. It’s all very exciting!

Thanks, Cindy. The posts are short because I was given a strict word limit for the foreword, so although the foreword itself is longer, this section was limited by word count

Good policy — People don’t read them if they get too long. Still, I’d like to hear more. And I just read a book on the topic. Good news is pleasant, like a honeycomb. 😉

As far as I know, this is only a Kindle book. But you can get a kindle app for almost any digital device these days.

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