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Is the church in the West in crisis?

I love the body of Christ in all its different forms. The traditional church has served us well for centuries while society revolved around Christianity. But things are changing.
Is Christianity in crisis in this country? The following statistics concerning pastors are not meant to be a criticism of the traditional church, but they are worrying.
  • Fifteen hundred pastors in the US quit every month due to stress, extra-marital affairs or conflict in their churches.
  • Over fifty percent of pastors are so discouraged they would leave the ministry if they could but have no other way of making a living.
  • Fifty percent of pastors’ marriages will end in divorce.
  • Almost forty percent say  they  have been in an extra-marital affair since entering the ministry.
  • Seventy percent say they only study the Bible when preparing for sermons or lessons.
  • Seventy percent say they do not have close personal friends.

Whatever kind of church we are part of, let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in “full time ministry.”

The question remains. Is Christianity in the West in crisis?

2 replies on “Is the church in the West in crisis?”

It might or might not be, but if it is, I doubt it has anything to do with these stats. The first four of them could probably be applied to persons in any profession.

Maybe if the people who love Jesus follow Him more than their pastors – plus the church/people of Christ individually and corporately listen to what God is wanting in their fellowships- then the pastors won’t get so burnt out running around doing the stuff that keeps them busy and not necessarily blessed (like nurturing their wives and families). Anyway, where in the Bible do pastors get the position that they hold?

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