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What church can look like: a story from last week

Last week the church that meets in our home came together on Friday. In one sense, it wasn’t an unusual time, but God worked powerfully.

We had a new family with us this week, friends from work brought by someone who comes along when he can. “Build your own salad” was on the menu, people bringing salad toppings or fruit to contribute to the meal. We are trying to eat very healthy as a group because one or two who come have major health issues. Lots of laughter and sharing around the tables.

Then we gathered in our living room–people on sofas, sitting on the floor, on extra chairs brought in. Toddlers running around. Dogs lazing on the carpet. “What has God been doing in anyone’s life this week?” asks Becky, our daughter who often leads.

There are a number of really exciting things God has been doing in people’s lives–several of them related to various prayer projects that have been going on with our group. (We’ve seen some amazing miracles over the last few months.) People shared, and we gave praise to God.

One of the topics that came up during this time was faith. So we decided to look at the passage in Romans 10 that talks about faith. (“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”) The group was too large for everyone to participate, so we broke down into several groups of 4-5 people who all went to different parts of the house. I don’t know what went on in the other groups, but in our group, the talk went to some very deep things that are going on in people’s lives.

When the whole group came back together, we prayed for different needs. People had pictures and prophetic words, Scriptures and practical help to give.

As our time together came to an end, people began clearing up the mess and a few headed out to our hot tub. One young man, who had come with the visiting family, was obviously very moved by what was going on. Tony and a few others talked with him. His situation was really bad–he was scared and angry. When given the opportunity, he was hungry to learn more about Jesus and wanted to surrender his life to him. He wept his way into the Kingdom.

There was water (warm even)! What was to prevent him from being baptized? (Acts 8:36-37) He was baptized in the hot tub and came out of the water absolutely radiant. A new member of the family!

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Our church group yesterday stopped the discussion of Luke 18 right in the middle to pray and cry with us about the operation our eight week old son has to have this Wednesday. Christ in our midst.

Trying, I love it! That’s being real and relevant together.

I too pray the Lord completely heals your son whether sovereignly or through the surgery. 

Thank you for praying- it went beautifully, Praise God. When we get out of the hospital- our group is bringing food-wonderful!!

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