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Interview with a pastor: why he’s committed to simple/organic principles

Even though David Havice has faced challenges in transitioning his legacy church to a network of simple/organic churches, he is still committed to simple/organic church. Here’s the conclusion of my interview with him. You can view the first two parts of the interview here and here.

Felicity: I know with the benefit of 20:20 hindsight, if you were to do it again, you might tackle it differently. What would you do? 

David: I think if I were getting ready to do it again, I would just resign as pastor of the legacy church, help find a new pastor, and then move to a new area to start from scratch, with an eye to reaching unchurched and unbelieving people. Jesus wants the old wine and the new wine to be preserved!

Felicity: In spite of all the challenges, you are still committed to simple/organic principles. Why?

David: There are several reasons.

  1. I see it as the best way to share the real life of what the church is to be about! Openness, transparency, shared life, prayer support, love and acceptance. Some of our people had been in traditional church together for years, but when they started participating in house church, they were amazed at what they found out about one another!
  2. I see it as the best way to get rid of “religious” mindsets and habits. People are able to be more real, more themselves and to be accepted that way, rather than trying to fit the “church mold” – the prevailing idea that congregations have of what their “ideal congregant” should be like! Its amazing to me that God created each individual uniquely different and then we as the church, often try to make everyone alike!
  3. It provides a way for everyone to participate, not spectate!
  4. I also believe that the house/simple/organic church movement is a bit prophetic in nature, and may very well be God’s preparation for a time yet to come, in which legacy churches would not be allowed. (That may sound like heresy here in America, but it has happened in other places!)
  5. Nodya (my wife) and I just love the simplicity of it! Being able to “wait” on the Holy Spirit to lead a meeting, not feeling the pressure of the clock and the program! Seeing the “light” come on in someone’s eyes as they get it! IT HAS REVOLUTIONIZED OUR LIVES!

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