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Have you seen the billboards showing someone well-known and with the title, “I am second”? They are all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area and in other cities too.

The message of the I am second movement is that Jesus is first. This message is promoted through films where well recognized people tell the story of how Jesus has impacted their lives.  Websites and a small group curriculum help people to make disciples and start “I am second” groups (effectively simple/organic churches). It is proving very effective in producing multiplying  house churches especially among young people here in the States.

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I connected online with these people a number of months ago. They have a very interesting concept that does seem to be working amongst younger people. Our family watched a few of the videos but found that they seemed very staged. I like the concept but to me the resources feel very contrived in their present format.

It looks good to me, but I haven’t looked very closely. I certainly hope they become a spiritual revolution in the US – and a revolution of the church.
But, interestingly, a recent survey showed that celebrity testimonies are a turn-off to many Aussies, so not sure if it would work here.

Maybe the format of the videos is more appealing to a younger generation.
Curtis Sergeant is involved in this initiative. If you know anything about Curtis, you will know that he is highly respected in the CPM world–has pioneered many of the concepts we now take for granted.

Thanks for posting this, Felicity.
Thanks, Robb, for your comment, one we’ve not heard before. When we do the films, there is no script, no agenda, just asking the Holy Spirit to speak through people as they tell their stories.
unkleE, we’ve had 40,338 visitors from Australia who spent an average of 7:30 minutes on the site. So we would love to partner with ministries that are interested in helping people get into spiritual community as a next step.
The most important aspect of all this from a ministry strategy standpoint is that we have embedded CPM best practices into the materials that are available at Most of which we learned from Curtis Sergeant, who is a part of our ministry. So our conference in January is for people who are interested in using I am Second as a tool to multiply ministry. As Felicity mentioned, info at

Felicity, Thank you so much for your blog on the I AM SECOND movement! We get so excited when others take hold of the message that Christ is FIRST! If I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out!
Tracy Magers
I AM SECOND Ambassador
2001 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 2600
Plano, TX 75075 USA

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