The unfolding story of Jose and Rosaura

Jose and Rosaura

Rosaura praying for Jose at his baptism last Sunday

In the last post, I described some of the extraordinary things we have been seeing in the organic church that meets in our home. I also shared that 15 year-old Jose was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. Thank you to all who have prayed for him.

Here's an update on his situation:

Yesterday, Jose had an eight hour operation to remove the tumor on his brain. The surgeon was unable to remove the entire tumor because it has already infiltrated some major blood vessels and nerves.  Further treatment will depend on the final pathology results.

  • Over the weekend, Rosaura was very clear that Jesus had set her free and placed her in a spiritual family who will love and care for her and Jose, just in time to help her deal with this situation. Please pray that she stands strong in her new-found faith and turns to Jesus as her rock in this situation.
  • It's obvious that medicine is unlikely to be able to cure Jose. We're now dependent on Jesus and need a miracle. Please pray that Jesus heals him and that he alone gets the glory.

Tony and I have been praying for a while that God would reveal his power and presence, not just in our home, but in simple/organic expressions of church around the nation. The story of Rosaura and and her sister finding the Lord because of Jose is part of an answer to that prayer.

Chris Jefferies sent this prayer in an email to me:

I'm praying for Jose, Rosauro, Roxie, the church in your home, and those who hear the story. I'm praying for the breaking out of new life and the defeat of the enemy in every way. Let the Kingdom be extended. Spread the tent pegs wider still.

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I too will say a big ‘AMEN’ to Chris’s prayer so well-expressed above. I pray for each member of the family that our loving Lord will do a new work in each of their lives, and that healing will be part of this. Clearly ‘western medicine’ has reached the end of the road, but the Lord’s road leads on – whether with physical or emotional or spiritual healing – or eventually into the very presence of God where no further healing is needed. I pray for the Holy Spirit to be sovereign over all.

I am praying that God will receive all the glory through the working of the holy spirit. When all else fails, Jesus is the answer and He is more than able!I have seen it in my life and know that Jesus can and will heal jose … Amen!

Yesterday I was reading of Jesus and Peter walking on the water. I wondered… what is the success rate for people who try to walk on water. About 0%. Yet Jesus told Peter “Oh you of little faith” for not believing he could beat those odds when Jesus told him he could.
The odds may look poor from our point of view, but we should always keep faith.

Thank you all for praying for Jose. Pathology results are due some time today. Jose has now been moved from ICU to a regular room. I’ll keep you updated.
One of the amazing things is how well Rosaura is coping with this situation. She’s talking to the parents of other patients about the Lord.
Jose turns 16 on Wednesday.

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