Starting a church with New Agers, continued

The first part of this story can be found here and here.

Another interesting thing happened a few weeks later (at around the 3 month point). We had some friends visit us from Houston.

"Can we come to church with you," they asked.

Normally we try to keep Christians away from the groups we start with not-yet-believers. (Christians tend to know all the answers, and can unwittingly co-opt the group.) But this was a very sweet and sensible pair, and so, with instructions to them not to talk too much or to answer questions, we took them with us.

There was nothing special about the time, but returning home in the car, this couple said to us, "We can't believe they have only been Christians for six weeks. They are so mature in their discussion of the Word and in praying for one another."

Right from the start we had told the group, "We won't be with you for long–just a few months. True to our word, we left shortly after this. Lisa had been leading the group from soon after it began. A mature Christian couple who had been helping us to start the group also stayed. I continue to meet with Lisa, who has now become a close friend and a mature Christian. 

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