What is one thing you would like to learn about simple/organic/house church?

I've almost finished this series on finance, and would like to know if there's any particular subject you would like us to explore together.

Let me know…

Many thanks to all who prayed for our time in Mexico. We had a great time with an awesome group of people who are making a difference in their world. They have a big vision to reach the whole world with the Good News of the Kingdom.

5 thoughts on “What is one thing you would like to learn about simple/organic/house church?”

  1. Hi,
    I would love, love, love some direction about getting started. I am the only person I know in my area who has a heart to move into simple/organic/house church. Where do I begin? I’m interested in participating in a local church. The only people I have seen with somewhat similar interests live a little too far from me.


  2. I have been interested in small/house/simple church for (quite literally) 35 years, but have never been able to be part of one that was successful and lasted. So I have many areas where I question …
    1. How to make it last? Does it matter if it’s ephemeral?
    2. How to keep a broad perspective from the whole body of Christ with limited input?
    3. How to properly help the spiritual, social and relationship growth of children and teens (especially teens who want to mix with the opposite gender)?
    4. The right balance between being inward focused and meeting members’ needs (these groups can attract people with deep emotional needs) and making new disciples and ministering to people in the world?
    5. How to address issues when some members are very casual and undisciplined and others want to really focus and grow and serve?


  3. Jason and UnkleE, I will try to tackle these subjects in future posts.
    TheRadicalWay, what kind of things are you referring to by “giant problems facing the people of the church”?


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