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7 ways of financial transition to house/simple/organic church


One of the main challenges those in full-time ministry face if they sense Jesus leading them into simple/organic/house church is  the question, "How will I support my family?"

Here are some of the financial ways the Lord is using as He leads people out of professional ministry into a simpler form of church that doesn't rely on their qualifications. 

  1. The Lord leads people into a secular job using all the skills they developed in full time ministry. We will explore some of these in a future post.
  2. The Lord leads people into a job that merely pays the bills. The Lord often uses the frustration of this kind of existence as His training for leadership in the Kingdom.
  3. The Lord gives you the idea for a business.  This is what He did for us.  After a few short years, we have a great team within the business, leaving us free to do whatever the Lord asks of us. 
  4. Some raise personal support, much like a foreign missionary would.
  5. The Lord leads some networks of house churches to support one of their leaders financially, especially if they travel extensively.
  6. Some continue to be supported by a denomination or other Christian organization.
  7. Some are supported by their spouse.

As a movement, we are as yet immature in the area of finances. Although our own journey makes us value highly work within a secular environment, we need more people full-time within the Kingdom–apostles and prophets with experience who will travel and train others.

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For those who raise support for themselves leaving them free to minister as a “job,” how do you keep the church from expecting them to do the work of the church and from forming around that person’s work.

I agree. The last thing we want to do is recreate the clergy laity divide. That’s why there’s such strength in a person supporting themselves. However, you comment leads to a bigger question and that is, “What should leadership look like?” If it’s truly a leader laying down his/her life to enable others to reach God’s vision for their life, then there isn’t the same likelihood of everything revolving around a single person.

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