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The 6 components of a kingdom

Wolfgang Simson has done a great video on the Kingdom of God. It’s well worth watching, especially in the light of thinking through having a social impact.

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Was wondering why you posted this video.
Seems a bit strange to me. Does this guy ever use the Bible?
1 – A kingdom needs a king.
“Technically speaking, makes him actually an emperor.” :32 sec.
…No it doesn’t – a king is a king. Where is Jesus, in the Bible, an emperor?
“And the difference between an empire and a garden vari ty kingdom is huge.” :39 sec
…Where is this in the Bible? Where did he get empire – star wars?
2 – the second thing is: a kingdom needs a headquarter. A seat of Government. :42
…Where is this in the Bible?
“And in the Bible it is called the kingdom of heaven.”:46
…Where is this in the Bible?
And on… and on… and…
Is the Bible of any importance at all?
“The frontier is obedience” 2:00 Heeeelllllppppp this is starting to hurt. 😉
“When we step out of obedience we are not anymore in the kingdom” 2:04 🙁
..Where is this in the Bible?
5 – Fifth thing is a constitution, a body of law” 3:00 – A body of law? This is getting creepy.
“righteous in Greek a political term **a body of law* given to a group of people to live by.”
No – that’s NOT what righteousness means. NO body of law. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! 🙂
“it basically says there is a constitution” 3:36 NO – it doesn’t mention constitution.
“so that the law, the law of Christ… that is what we are supposed to obey.” 3:50
“Literally… *then we are* constitutional, legal citizens of the kingdom” 3:57.
.Supposed to obey??? A law??? I can’t obey anything that’s why I need Jesus.
Nope – NO body of law will help me at all… Or you…
That’s why…
1 – We are delivered from the law. Ro 7:6
2 – We are – Dead to the law. Rm 7:4
3 – We are – Not under the law. Rm 6:14
4 – We are – Free from the law. Rm 8:2
5 – The law worketh wrath. Rm 4:18
6 – We are – Redeemed from the curse of the law. Gal 6:13
7 – We are – No longer under a schoolmaster. ( The law.) Gal 6:23-26
8 – The law is not made for a righteous man. 1 Tim 1:9
9 – By the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified. Rm 9:20
10- The law is not of faith. Gal 3:12
11 – No man is justified by the law in the sight of God…The just shall live by faith. Gal 3:10
12 – The strength of sin is the law. ! Cor 15:
Do you, Felecity, believe what this guy is saying?
“otherewise we are illegal citizens.” 4:00. Are you, Felecity, an illegal citizen?
Or, are you obeying this constitution, ALL the commands of Christ, this body of law?
I think this video should be declared illegal. 😉
“governmental structures” ??? “the ekklesia, the parliment of God, literally” ??? 4:43
“the senate through which God is sharing His power” ???
Please help – why have you posted this video? If I’m missing something – Please help

Felicity – or anyone…
Please Help…
I left the Institutional Church in the early 90’s. So I appreciate a lot of what goes on here at Simple Church.
But this video seems out of place.
Some of the reasons I left “the Corrupt Religious System” was what I saw as the misuse of scripture, the twisting of scripture, adding to the scripture, the saying of one thing and doing another, “The Traditions of Men” that nullifies “the Word of God” Mark 7:13.
I’m not seeing much of anything this guy is saying in the Bible…
I’m seriously asking…
If I’m missing something – Please help

Amos, let me try to respond to your questions. Firstly, and perhaps the main reason I posted the video, Wolfgang is one of the few people who are thinking/writing about the Kingdom of God, which is a sadly neglected topic in the body of Christ. Wolfgang is radical in his thinking. He doesn’t mince his words. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I do think he raises some valid points.
Let me try to answer your questions.
1. Jesus is not an emperor. I agree with you on this. Jesus is King, and he’s King of kings. He reigns over a Kingdom, not an empire. We know Wolfgang well, and he loves to exaggerate to make a point–a very Jewish way of handling things. (Think of Jesus talking about “if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed, we can say to this mountain, be removed etc.”) I suspect him calling Jesus “technically an emperor” is his way of emphasizing the fact that Jesus is Lord over all existing rulers–which I don’t think you would have any problem with.
2. A Kingdom needs a headquarters. I don’t think he’s trying to take this from the Bible. He’s just applying the principles of any kingdom. Wherever Jesus is ruling from is the source of government of the Kingdom. The government is on his shoulders.
3. The frontier is obedience. Wolf gets this from passages like Matthew 7: 21-22
“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”
4. Next as to the question of the law. I totally agree with you that we are not under law, but this is because God’s laws are now written on our hearts (Hebrews 10:16). So we do obey the law–it just isn’t a rule book, but something that springs naturally from the source of life within. It doesn’t make us righteous–only Christ can do that. But we do still keep, not the OT law but the law of Christ within.
Another quick point. I’m becoming more persuaded (or at least I’m thinking it through) that the term ecclesia is not meant to be a religious term. Elsewhere in the NT it is used of a rioting mob. Jesus could easily have built “synagog” rather than ekklesia, but he didn’t. To quote Frank Viola: “the word (ekklesia) meant a local community of people who assemble together regularly. The word was used for the Greek assembly whereby those in the community were “called forth” from their homes to meet in the town forum to make decisions for their city.”
Many of the people I highly respect would say that the church is meant to be ruling, not in any earthly political sense, but in a spiritual sense. We carry a measure of responsibility for the state of our cities and our nation. When we pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done,” we influence what goes on not just in heaven but here on earth. An example: we have friends in India who see hundreds of thousands of people find the Lord through their networks of house churches, but what they are really interested in is when this impacts their communities. Malnutrition amongst kids is eradicated, clean water is brought in, roads and electricity. The church prays here on earth; it changes things in the heavenlies; the results are seen here on earth. I’d love to see us doing more of that.
I hope this helps. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for writing and taking the time to answer.
Just read your post for July 1, “The financial transition from full-time ministry to simple/organic church.” I can appreciate the financial trials you endured. Brought back lot’s of memories. Our Father sure has some interesting ways of training His children. I too know how to stretch 4 ounces of chop meat. The benefit of course is – The trials drive you to Jesus. Had to depend on Jesus for everything. And He is faithful. 🙂
I pray you are correct about Wolfgang. Powerful speakers have influenced me, and deceived me, in the past. Jesus has warned us about: False apostles, Many false prophets, False teachers, False Christs, False anointed one’s. I now take very seriously checking out what people say. If it’s not even in the Bible… Why not?
Seems to me – not much of what Wolfgang says is in the Bible.
And for Wolfgang to imply that there is now a “constitution” for believers to “obey” to be included in the Kingdom of God… And if they don’t “obey” they are “illegal aliens” and “no longer in the Kingdom” sounds cruel and legalistic.
When he says,”“When we step out of obedience we are not anymore in the Kingdom,” that seems like more than “exaggeration.” That is just wrong. That is putting heavy weights on peoples shoulders. Just like the Religious Leaders did who Jesus criticized.
So, when I’m obedient – I’m in the Kingdom?
And, when I’m NOT obedient – I’m out of the Kingdom?
Sounds like the junk I was handed in “The Corrupt Religious system.”
That doesn’t sound like the Jesus I know.
Sounds like more “Law” that causes me to look at myself instead of looking at Jesus.
*Is Amos “obeying” this “constitution?” Or, “Is Jesus forgiving Amos all my sin?”
It’s hard work trying to show folks they can walk away from the “Law.”
A simple rule of thumb for me to know where I’m living – under law – or under grace.
When I Focus on **self** – I’m living under the law.
(What am “ I “ doing? – Good or evil.) Hmmm? That pesky tree again. 😉
When I Focus on **Jesus** – I’m living under grace.
(What is “ Jesus “ doing?- Forgiving, loveing, cleansing, showing mercy.) Tree of “Life?”
I’ve tried living by the “Law.” Didn’t do so good. 😉
And now when people try to put me back under the “Law”
I experience wrath, anger, indignation. 😉
The Law worketh *wrath.* (anger, indignation) Rom 4:18.
Jer 50:6
*My people* hath been *lost sheep:*
*their shepherds* have caused them *to go astray,*
1Pet 2:25
For ye were as sheep *going astray;*
but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.
I’m Blest – I’ve returned to the Shepherd and Bishop of my soul… Jesus…

Your offer sounds very enticing…
Let me let that offer sink in. Would like a day or two to pray about it.
Thanks for asking – Really.
P.S. – Is there anyway to receive automatic emails for responses to comments?

Thanks – But…
How do I “subscribe to the comment feed for that post?”
I’ve been browsing through Wofgangs writing in his “Starfish Vision.”
Have you read Wofgangs “Starfish Vision?”

Amos, if you go to the top of the comments there’s an option to subscribe to the comment feed.
I read his Starfish vision some years ago so not sure how well I remember it. I agree with much of it although Tony and I have some “intense” conversations with Wolf about certain things he says (not sure if they’re in the Starfish Vision or the Manifesto).

Sorry – still can’t figure out which buttons to push to receive additional comments. 🙁
Clicked on – comment feed – underlined – for this post at the top of the comments.
What comes up is a comment page similar to this one – with all the comments.
But then what???

Printed out the 80 pages of the “Starfish Vision” last night.
Wanted to underline and make some notes.
Wolfgang covers a lot of territory. Lot’s of idea’s and lot’s of effort writing this.
Browsed it for a couple of hours last night and for a couple of hours this morning.
This morning I just turned all the pages and scanned it quickly at first.
Stopped at a few things that caught my eye and would read a paragraph or two.
Just trying to get an overall feeling for it and see if anything jumps out.
I’ll try to read through it this afternoon.
Noticed a number of things I would agree with… BUT…
Overall – Lot’s and lot’s of questions. Not sure yet.
Was wondering…
Do you have an email address I can use directly?
If you’re agreeable you can send it to me at…
Be blessed in your search for truth… Jesus…
And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:
them also I must bring, and they shall “hear My voice; “
and there shall be “ONE” fold, and “ONE” shepherd.
John 10:16
One Fold – One Shepherd – One Voice
{{{{{{ Jesus }}}}}}

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