Teachers in house churches?

This is the final post of my "wanted ads" for five-fold ministries. Again, please note that I am not advocating these as positions within the body. Rather they are ways for people to lay down their lives for others.

Wanted: teachers

Apple and book

Job description: The successful applicant is able to communicate the truths of God’s word to others. He/she is expected to train others how to understand and apply the Word in such a way that a Kingdom lifestyle results, and to pass this on in turn to third and fourth generations of disciples. Q and A, and practical, on-the-job and just-in-time styles of teaching are preferred with accountability for what is taught expected.

Potential challenges: Older, up-front, instructional patterns of teaching no longer apply; rather non-traditional methods of teaching will be used, with an emphasis on the disciples learning to obey Jesus rather than the teacher showcasing their own teaching gifts. Again, this is not a position but a function within the body of Christ. Any authority belongs with Jesus and his Word.

Qualifications: The teacher is expected to live up to what he teaches—a higher standard is applied to his behavior. He must care deeply that those he teaches learn obedience to Christ above all.  Personal hours spent in the study of God’s Word are anticipated, along with the ability to train others and release them in turn to train still more people. He/she must be willing to challenge false teaching and to reveal truth.

Compensation: Those who are teach well can expect double honor, but this is unlikely to equate to a full-time salary. 


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I just wanted to tell you Felicity how much I appreciate this series of posts on the five fold ministry. it was very creative but more than that, it was insightful, educational and encouraging to me. thank you

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