Wanted: Prophets

Continuing my somewhat tongue-in-cheek job description (I fully recognize this is not a "job") of five-fold ministries. 

Wanted: Prophetic Leadership

Hand holding key

Job description: The applicant who fills this key position in the body of Christ is expected to be able to hear from God and communicate the intelligence gathered to the other members of the team for them to weigh.  Must be visionary and able to see the big picture. As the applicant matures within the job, he/she may speak accurately of the future. Main effectiveness will be in teaching other members of the body how to hear from God and to bring a message to others within the parameters of encouraging, comforting and strengthening.

Potential challenges: Disrespect from those from your own area. Rejection and ridicule anticipated. Like apostles, persecution is likely. Stonings and beatings probable.

Qualifications: Hours spent in Jesus' presence learning to listen to Him. Applicant will have learned how to distinguish his own thoughts and ideas from those he receives from the Holy Spirit. Must be willing to risk loss of reputation in communicating the truth of fGod's message. Must be willing to travel.

Compensation: Probably none save knowing you are a strategic part of the Kingdom team.

Anyone have other thoughts about prophets?


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I certainly have seen that the encouraging and comforting part of the job are great. The strengthening part, shedding light on areas where thoughts, words or actions do not line up with God’s word, is usually what brings rejection, ridicule and persecution.

Great post Ms Felicity…
I agree… they often get written off as “dreamers or fanatics.” The religious spirit is all over the prophets too.. disqualifying them in the eyes of most of the body of Christ. They are a rare breed and not to be trifled with… Very strong in God’s Kingdom if they will walk with God in this gifting. I love sitting with them and talking.. such a blessing
A great book on this is The Seer by Goll
The book explains the different prophetic streams..

Your series looks very interesting. I agree with you that someone with a major prophetic gift will go beyond these parameters, but when teaching others to prophesy, the 1 Corinthians parameters are useful guidelines.

What you describe as a prophet sounds like the man who leads our small group. He does not use any title but speaks and studies the bible and claims God guides him to answers that he then shares with us.

Lee, forgive the late reply. We’ve been in Russia, and now the UK.
I’m glad the person leading your small group doesn’t title himself as a prophet. I hope he is teaching you to hear God for yourselves rather than just bringing you words that he has heard himself.

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