What’s all the buzz about Moolala?

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Our oldest two sons recently came up with a business idea that marries the best of what is happening in the daily deals sites (like Groupon and Living Social) with the best of what is happening through social networking sites, but with the added value of finding a way to share the wealth created within the social networks with everybody in the network.  The genius of Matt and Jon’s idea is that they have found a way to pay everyone for their involvement in developing the network, and to pay them extremely well.

A couple of months ago they approached the owner of a  VC firm who told them this is the best concept he has seen in the past three years and then  came back to us and asked if he could be the CEO of the company.  They accepted!  Josh Chodniewicz  has extensive experience in founding Art.com, and then investing in the early stages of LinkedIn and eHarmony.  

Moolala launched yesterday, and there's quite a buzz.  House2House is already part of the network, and if you decide to join using this link ( http://www.moolala.com/r/9MK9MCN ) any finance generated will  help to support the ministry.



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