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Description of a Spirit-led gathering #2

Several simple/organic churches had come together for a celebration gathering.  At one point, it was suggested that people get into smaller groups to pray for each other.

Over in one corner, a family–mom, dad, and their two kids–were praying together.  Each had tears running down their faces. God was touching them.

I was close to a group of kids, ages 6 to 10.  Most of them were from Christian families, but there was one young lad there from the housing projects.  I was interested to see how they would react to him.  Most of the kids shared similar needs.  "My aunt's car has stopped running, please pray."  "My teacher at school is off sick," and so on.

When it came to the turn of the kid from the projects, his need was in a different category.  "My mom has thrown my dad out of the house because he was doing crack.  And now we don't have any money to pay the bills or buy food!"  How would these young Christian kids cope?

I needn't have worried.  They all prayed so simply, each tackling a different aspect of the problem.  Kids don't have a junior Holy Spirit! They can follow Jesus, sometimes more easily even than adults!

Child praying

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