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Ideas on how to follow the Holy Spirit in a gathering: #1

This is the first of several posts that look at how to follow the Holy Spirit when we gather.

Everyone spends some time (10 minutes or more) on their own seeking God for what he would like them to bring. It might be a Bible passage, a thought, a picture, a song, a prayer need etc. Then as each one makes their contribution, respond to it and see what the Lord does. Is there a theme in what people have brought that you can follow?

We have seen God move in remarkable ways when we have done this.  For example, one time a group of us had gathered just to listen to God.  As each one came back and shared something, one of the prophetic people in our midst condensed what each person said, and presented it at the end as a prophetic "tapestry" from the Lord to us.  Even the person who said, "I got nothing" was included!

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Thank you for sharing this. It is a great encouragement. I am amazed at how the Spirit is moving in all the segments of His family. We have had to overcome many obstacles in our fellowship to hear from God as described above. Leadership can be one of the toughest obstacles. Lack of confidence another. God is patiently helping us get there. We have gotten to a place where we ask. What are you hearing from God? and What are you going to do about it?

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