Kingdom skills

“Follow” by Floyd McLung: a book worth reading!

I just finished reading Follow the book Follow by Floyd McClung. This book discusses the basics of discipleship, teaching us how to disciple not-yet-believers into the Kingdom.  These disciples become world changers by reaching out to their communities and starting D-groups (precursors to simple churches). 

Floyd is not interested in mere believism.  He is looking for those who are totally surrendered to Jesus and have a love relationship with Him and his people.  He challenges all of us to die to our own selves—our desire for comfort and ease—and to get involved with the poor and marginalized.  His own life reflects this passion.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to multiply disciples and create healthy communities that will transform their world. 

Here’s a quote from the book that I find very thought provoking: ”We disciple the lost to be converted, not convert the lost to be discipled.”


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