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Kingdom skills: causes of emotional problems #1

Continuing the discussion on skills for the Kingdom:  inner healing


A girl came to me with depression.  When I asked why she was depressed, she was quite clear it
was due to her family situation. 
Although she was in her 30s, she still lived at home, basically because
her parents had somehow manipulated her into remaining there saying they needed
her.  Her career and possible
relationships had been put on hold so she could look after them.

No question there was a problem in the family dynamics.  However, the main problem was in her
attitude.  She was bitter, angry
and resentful towards her parents. 
Her own sin was the cause of her depression.

Sin is a primary thing to look for.  Sin that has not been dealt with can
cause all kinds of problems. 
People need to take personal responsibility for their sin, dealing with
it thoroughly with repentance (I John 1:9) and if necessary, putting things
right with other people. 

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That seems like turning the energy of her anger into guilt. In stead that energy should be used to change the circumstances of her life. The Lord has told us to leave our parents and build our own home. I think that should be the advice, and not a quasi-holy advice about let go of anger.

I just want to say that there is nothing quasi about what she said. People who harbor anger and resentment will become depressed. In fact by your comment I would say that you maybe harborring some resentment against religous people who have hurt you in the past.

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