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A physician’s perspective

In a former life back in the UK, I was a physician. Patients would come to me with various physical problems. I would take a history of their symptoms, examine them and make a provisional diagnosis that I would confirm if necessary with diagnostic tests, and then treat whatever condition I had diagnosed. The treatment depended on the diagnosis. For example, upper abdominal pain can be caused by anything from gall bladder problems to gastric conditions, or even a heart attack. The treatment for each is totally different. The correct diagnosis is essential if the patient is to recover.
It is similar with inner healing. For example, someone may feel depressed. For someone in the mental health field, depression is a diagnosis that is usually treated with anti-depressants. But viewed from a spiritual perspective, depression is a symptom that has some kind of spiritual root. It may be due to some event that happened in childhood, a sin that has not been dealt with etc.
Over the years as I counseled with many people, and as I searched the Scriptures, I discovered the causes of most problems fit into just a few general categories. Once aware of those categories, it is easy determine the cause or causes.
In the next few posts, I will examine these in more detail.

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We have an enemy who both brings circumstances into our lives and interprets those circumstances to his own advantage. It is helpful to learn how to remove the planted effects of those words of interpretation and take on a kingdom mindset releasing the presence of God.
The greatest task believers have is to learn to host the presence of God and to release the kingdom into this world. God is in us by covenant, but he is upon us for each other. There is healing here.

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