Discipleship within simple/organic/house churches

LTG Card  

No discussion of discipleship within the
organic/simple/house church movement would be complete without pointing people
towards Life Transformation Groups (LTGs).  Many years ago the Lord posed a series of questions to Neil
Cole:  What would you do if 100
people came to Christ this week? 
What would you do if 1000 people came to Christ this month?  What would you do if a million people
came to Christ this year?  (I may
have the exact figures wrong, but you get the idea.)  Any idea would have to be so simple it could be easily
multiplied.  It would have to easy
to remember and easy to pass on to others.

LTGs are the result of that question.  An LTG consists of two to three people
who commit to three things: 
Reading large amounts of Scripture on a weekly basis; getting together
weekly to answer accountability questions; praying for their friends who don’t
yet know the Lord.  LTGs are a grassroots tool that equip people to become reproductive disciples of Jesus and to grow in their own personal walk with the Lord and .

To learn more about LTGs, click here

2 thoughts on “Discipleship within simple/organic/house churches”

  1. After studying “Organic Church”, “LTG’s” and “An Army of ordinary people” I still don’t understand, how LTG’s and simple churches fit together. Should every member of a simple church also participate in a LTG? Maybe you can write about this subject from your view of experiance?
    Kind regards


  2. Hi Marti,
    Sorry to be so long in replying. We’ve been out of the country (Myanmar and Nepal) with very intermittent internet access.
    Our impression is that any church, no matter what the size (large or house church) will benefit and be stronger if they have a smaller accountability structure too. So many house church people will also be part of an LTG–it helps to keep them focused outwards. The LTG structure is also a good way to start a new church.
    We make disciples, Jesus builds his church.
    Hope this helps


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