Jesus’ pattern of discipleship

My apologies if you get this post twice.  I've had a couple of people tell me that it came out in Greek!  Hopefully this is now corrected.

did Jesus train his disciples?

shared the rough and tumble of everyday life with them (Luke 8:1-3)

asked them questions to show them what they needed to learn (Matthew 16:13-20)

answered their questions (eg Matthew 17:19-20)

demonstrated the practical skills they needed to know (Luke 11:1-3)

used teachable moments.  Consider, for example, the occasion in Matthew 20
when James and John persuaded their mother to approach Jesus about letting them
sit next to him in his Kingdom.  Jesus used the opportunity to compare the
world's style of leadership with his Kingdom way of leading. (You know how
leadership is done in the world–rulers lord over those under them.  But
with you it is to be different.  If you want to lead then become a servant
and slave.)

gave them assignments and had them report back, using their reports to bring
fresh insight and teaching.  (Luke 10)

didn't give his disciples a body of knowledge, but the experience of living
with him.

2 thoughts on “Jesus’ pattern of discipleship”

  1. Great observations! This is mostly what we do in Brazil, though I haven’t completely gotten away from giving them a “body of knowledge”. After all, the majority of the people with whom I work do not have the Old Testament knowledge and Messianic expectation that Jesus’ disciples had. Even still, there has to be a healthy mix of both.
    I have also noted to some people that God did not reveal Himself to us in a Systematic Theology textbook, but through stories and letters. We’ve got to be telling the stories!


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