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Stories from the trenches (2)

Here's another story–this one via Brian Jones.  It's used with permission, so long as I make sure that God gets the glory!!

"As many of you know, we have been praying over the past year that God would build his church in Galloway, Ohio (specifically in Westchester Commons subdivision). We know that he is here and that his church is here, so we have been praying for unity and revival among the believers here and for an awakening of the lost to the redeeming love of Christ. This note is a quick update on what He's doing.

For the past year, Heather and i have been praying for our neighbors and have been joining with a few friends on Wednesday evenings (and throughout the week informally – just sharing life together), praying for revival, singing his prayers, studying his Word, and sharing testimonies and burdens as a community. We have seen huge breakthrough over the past month – results of God's perfect timing and grace and mercy, and a year of prayer.

We had our first hispanic family worship with us in our home last week and what a huge blessing!!!!! We've been praying for relationships with our Hispanic and Somali neighbors in the apartments surrounding our neighborhood and these dear brothers and their families are the first fruits of those prayers. 

Two weeks ago, we saw God heal our daughter of warts. (I know that may sound dumb, but after 9 mos of warts, the large one on her face fell off days after we laid hands on her and prayed). We also saw Heather's dad wake up day after day with no pain in his knees after years of pain and shots in both knees.

Saturday, Heather had our first "spiritual" conversation with our next-door neighbor, Vickie.

Over the past few months, we've had 3 sets of neighbors comment on different "non-spiritual" 🙂 things in our life that attract them to want to know us better – we know it's Him that they are attracted to, not us (praise the Lord!!!!)

Our daughters will be three next month and they are the first ones to pray when someone's hurt or sad or upset and tonight they wanted to wash everyone's feet in our backyard as we washed each others feet and discussed john 13.

God is alive in our home, church family, and (praise the Lord) in our neighborhood. Please continue to join with us in prayer for our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. we are trusting God for Somali families and for our neighbor Vickie. May their hearts turn to Him. 

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