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Choosing to become the wolf’s lunch?

Continuing principles from Luke 10:

Wolf fodder There are other principles tied up with Jesus sending us out as lambs among wolves (Luke 10:3).

Lambs make lunch for wolves!  So why did Jesus send us out as lambs among wolves rather than wolves among lambs? What kind of shepherd is he?  Would a good shepherd do that?

Evangelism can be an exercise in, "I'm right, you're wrong!" "I have made the right choices in life, you're on the wrong path!" "I'm going to tell you what you need in life." All of which makes us appear superior. To be honest, that isn't very attractive. People intensely dislike being made to feel inferior.

Lambs are vulnerable and weak compared to wolves. So how does this effect our reaching out? It's much more attractive (tasty even!) if we appear vulnerable when we talk to others about the Lord. If we are willing to mention our own weaknesses, to open up about our failings, then we become much more approachable.  People feel they can confide in us, are willing to let down their guard and let us into their lives.  I'm not talking about wallowing in our own guilt and sin, but being honest.  Then we have the opportunity to share the difference that Jesus has made.  "He is the one who has made a difference in my life and he can change your life too."

If our attitude enables someone to open up about the problem areas in their life, this then gives us the opportunity to pray with them and demonstrate the Kingdom.  And a demonstration of the Kingdom gives us the right to tell people the good news (Luke 10:9).

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