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This is a break in my series on Luke 10.  I will get back to this passage in the next post!  

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When we first moved to this country, we had no means of making an income. (No one wanted to employ two unlicensed physicians).  So we became involved in a business that taught us a lot about American culture.  We also learned some very positive principles, many of which had their basis in Scripture. One of the things emphasized to us was the importance of tools. The value of tools is that they make a job easier.  You can hammer in a nail using a rock, but it is much easier to use a hammer.  Even more useful are power tools.  

The National House Church conference is a tool. You can start a simple/organic/house church without reading the books or meeting others who have already done it.  But it is a whole lot easier if you can learn some principles from their experience and avoid some of the mistakes they made!  At the conference there is plenty of opportunity to talk with people who've been on the journey for a while, as well as different breakout sessions devoted to various helpful topics–for example, a couple who transitioned their legacy (traditional) church into a network of house churches will share the principles that guided their journey.  

Here's a brief descriptio of the conference which will take place over the Labor Day weekend:

According to recent Pew Foundation Research, 7% of American Christians now identify a house church as their primary expression of church.  This is exciting news but it also points to a significant problem. An increasing number of believers are now meeting in homes but they are bringing with them leadership patterns from their traditional church background.  The result?  Burned out and confused leaders and struggling house churches.

The 2010 National House Church Conference will be addressing just this problem at several levels.

  • Wayne Jacobson will be helping us think through what it looks like when you really believe that following God is a 24/7 description of walking with Him.
  • Our breakout times will explore everything from basics of house church life to understanding the transition process for pastors from traditional setting.
  • Tim Bach will be talking to us about iconcity, the adventure that God has him and others engaged in as they seek to bring transformation to a small town in Oregon. Tim and other members of the team spent time in various Christian bands, including Petra. From “I’m with the band” to helping homeless kids – it’s quite a story!
  • The House2House board/team will be exploring with us the role of transformational leadership teams to help provide infrastructure to fresh moves of the Holy Spirit.  Infrastructure is generally not seen, not noticed, but vital to the functioning of society. Godly, servant leadership is like this!

Why not bring a group of you from your church?  Details can be found here.

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