A double blessing!

 This past week, we have been doubly blessed. Both our daughter and our daughter-in-law were due to have babies at the end of May. Kristen, who is married to our son Matt, went into premature labor about a month ago. Thankfully she did not deliver at that point, but has been staying with us because she has been on complete rest.

Last Tuesday, she went into labor and delivered a baby girl, Kaylee Marie, weight 5 lbs 12 oz. Kaylee is adorable as you can see  (the unbiased grandmother speaking here).


 Two days later, our daughter, Becky, went for her routine prenatal appointment, and they discovered that her baby had stopped growing. Because the baby was a breach, she was scheduled for a C-section next morning. So on Friday, William Clayton was born, weighing in at 5 lbs. 3 oz.. He too is an absolute delight. Here is his photo:

Sweet baby

 We are truly blessed!

Kaylee and Clay 2
The cousins meet!

Kaylee and Clay

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They will live long and prosper and the word of the Lord will multiply at their hands together! Praise God!

congrats you guys!! glad to know all are doing well…wow grandkids 6 and 7…now that’s getting to be a full quiver!! Enjoy every minute!!

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