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A new version of "An Army  of Ordinary People" is being released on May 3rd.   it has been completely rewritten and updated and is being published by Tyndale House Publishers.

Here is what  is written on the back cover.

"This inspiring collection of real-life stories introduces you to ordinary people who've practiced "simple church" — in their own homes, workplaces, or neighborhoods — and the remarkable things that have happened as a result. You will meet people instrumental in leading others to God — even helping to free them from addictions or the stigma off their criminal pasts; parents teaching Bible lessons to kids; a couple inviting their neighbors over for dinner and conversation. You'll see that the gospel spreading and lives being changed.

"And the only question remaining is code on are you ready for your story to begin?"

I have been humbled and blessed by people's response to the older version of Army. I am praying that God uses this new version even more than the older one. You can help by getting hold of a copy and, if you like it, giving it away to your friends or letting others know about it. 

The book is available at the House2House bookstore and other locations.


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