Insights from John White on hearing God

John White talks a lot about listening to God.  A few days ago I briefly interviewed him to hear some his thoughts (and, to be strictly honest, to experiment with the technology.)  But what he shared is so good, I thought I would add it so you all can benefit.

John mentions Mark Virkler.  Many years ago I read his book, "Dialog with God."  It formed the foundation of my practice of hearing God personally.  Right up to the present, I still journal (write down what I think God is saying to me) on as near a daily basis as possible.

I'd also love to hear back from any of you on whether you like audio in a blog!

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John, you’re too humble. 🙂 Great post (as always), Felicity. And adding the video just enhances it. Don’t you just love the technology we’re blessed to have in this day and age? (I believe it was created for US, not the world’s bunch!)
To John & Felicity: David and I are meeting with 6 others in a home doing, more or less, just a book study (of Frank Viola’s Reimagining Church). But in two weeks, we’re going to take the next step. I’m going to share this video with our group as a suggested way to possibly take that next step. So, this post was very timely for us! Thanks again! 🙂

How do you respond to the criticism that this type of prayer is a form of visualization as practised in meditation and more eastern methods of connecting with God?

I don’t often use visualization like John describes, but I know many who find it helpful. Just because something is used in eastern culture doesn’t make it wrong. It’s like the question, “Why should the devil have all the good music?” But I agree we must evaluate it by the Scriptures. It will be interesting to see if John responds to your question.

Thanks for the response. I agree that it is not necessarily wrong. I have a personal history with meditation prior to becoming a christian, so when I came across this idea from John I naturally saw the connection to my past practices. It does however seem to be a teaching that is ripe for the times, and so I think it would be wise when presenting it to also give some scriptural warrant.

John was the one who first introduced us to “God Guides” by Mary Geegh several years ago. Over the years we have used translated parts of this book and shared it extensively to help our house church people in listening to God.

Very interesting, I shared what I heard from John White at my house church last week and we spent some good time listening to God. We were a bit anxious about how it would be experienced by a non-believer, but it was excellent: it helped him write down all the questions he had!
For me the visualization part often comes naturally since I read the Shack…

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