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Taking our Inheritance

Teachings from India (10)

Every Christian has an inheritance from the Father.  God gave Adam the Garden of Eden for his inheritance, but he lost it all for one piece of fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Esau sold his inheritance as firstborn son for a bowl of lentils.

We sell our inheritance too–to our job, or busyness, to the TV or the pursuit of more possessions.

God gave Abraham a territory from the River Euphrates to the Nile.  Abraham circled the land and built 7 altars around it.  God gave him the land plus ten nations.  The covenant was for the people and the land.

We need to ask God for people and land.  What territory is he giving us?  We need to know our inheritance in order to take possession of it (Josh 1:3-9). 

The territory is currently under enemy control.  We need to dislodge the enemy in order to take possession of our inheritance (Luke 11:22).  First we have to destroy the strongman, then we can plunder his possessions which are both the people and the land.  A farmer destroys weeds before planting a crop.  We need to get rid of the enemy's weeds (Romans 16:20) before taking possission of our inheritance and planting a church.

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