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Are Networks Important?

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House churches should be neither independent, nor permanent.  If they are they will not multiply, but will only have shifted people from the pew to the sofa.  Instead, they should be an interdependent network.  Each house church is a debriefing center and a sending center that sends people out.

A starfish has no brain or head.  If you cut off the arm of a starfish, it will grow into a new starfish.  A house church does not require a CEO or a commander. Any of the people in it can multiply it out.  The leader is more of a facilitator that cares for the household.

Different ministries can function across a network of churches.  No single person has all the gifts that are needed, but across a network those leadership gifts will be present.

Church planting is a process.  Jesus stayed a few days in Samaria (John 4).  Philip, the evangelist, preached the gospel powerfully there and many sick people were healed and baptized (Acts 8:4-13).  Then Peter and John (apostles) came and worked with them too (Acts 8:14-25).  Different people used their different giftings to see the church there come to maturity (Acts 9:31).

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Excellent. You bring out some issues that have inspired within me a blog post I hope to post in a couple of days. The whole issue of “permanency” really has me thinking.

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