House2House Labor Day Conference

I'm getting excited about this year's national house church conference.  The theme of the main conference is going to be on Kingdom and movements–both topics I'm passionate about.  I believe the scope of what God is doing across this nation (George Barna's research indicates around 6 million people) could be justifiably called a movement, and that movement is becoming increasingly Kingdom oriented.  After all, Jesus' main emphasis was on the Kingdom of God.

Added to this, there will be various tracks going on.  See 

Let me mention a couple of these.  The Luke 10 House Church Advanced track will look at viral and vibrant simple church communities  If you're familiar with the lk10 website, you will understand my excitement.  Robert Ricciardelli is running a marketplace track looking at how we can impact society–not just business, but politics, education etc.  Apex Community Church was a 3000+ member church that has transitioned into a network of simple churches and they will be talking about the lessons they have learned on that journey.

You can learn more about the conference by clicking on the links on the house2house website at or

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The stats about India are crazy cool. I wanted to pass this on and think it might be interesting … it’s a documentary about simple church called “What is Simple Church” and it’s at
Scott Linklater
Las Vegas

the answer to all life is:
god puts all living beings to sleep forever (death)
at the same time (simultaneously)
what would happen if that happened?
peace forever, finally.
anyone who chooses life, is choosing second best
eternal ,forever sleep (perfect peace is the best)
why choose silver, when you can have gold?
why live? when we can sleep forever
if god willingly lives, his will is backward
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Greetings in Jesus name.
I Will like to be part of this year Conference.
Hope to hear to hear from you.
Bishop Emmanuel V.Konneh

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