An invitation to women

All over the world, God is using women in amazing ways.  They are working alongside men as equal co-laborers in the Kingdom of God.  However, here in the West, women often feel they do not have the necessary skills, for example, to start a church. 

In an effort to address this, a group of us called Women2WomenConnect are looking to do some training for women. However, before we do so, it would be good for us to know what areas would be useful to tackle, and whether there are others who have the skills to help.

We have created a survey that will help us in this process.  You can access it at

Please could any women reading this who are interested in further training help us by completing the survey.  Thanks.

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I’m not sure what all will be involved in putting this together and what you have in mind, but I’d love to be a part in helping, and serving, as well as receiving.

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