Central India

We are in Central India with some good friends and have spent much of the day listening to amazing stories of how God is working here. It is different from what He is doing in the US because most of the incredible growth is from new believers.  Brand new disciples are telling their friends and family about the changes Jesus is making in their lives.  Many are getting baptized and new churches are springing up everywhere.

We had the privilege of sitting down with two ladies, one of whom was responsible for more than 6,000 baptisms in the churches she had started, and the other, 4,000.  We heard about a few of the miracles they are seeing.

One of the interesting things is that they are moving from an emphasis on miracles of healing and deliverance to a focus on transformation of society.  They believe that God is restoring the land, not just in terms of gardens producing more crops, but also when roads are built and electricity and water are supplied to areas that have not had it before in answer to the prayers of the saints.

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good to hear about the god’s work in central india .
i would like to know the steps taken in sustaining the growth of the House church when the church plantrs move to the other villages ? In rural context with more illtrate poor as members of house church i see a challege in raisning house church leader who can lead the group and the church could engae in reaching out others .

What seems to make the difference there is ongoing training. Even illiterate village women are trained in such a way that they can lead and train others. The people we know well there have four levels of leadership. Level 1 people are leaders of a house church. Level 2 have a cluster of house churches. Level 3 work at a regional level and master trainers (level 4) work with those in the regions. At every level the people are trained in the Scriptures and in the skills needed to grow and multiply.

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