Pray for Joy

Several of the last posts have been from an interview with a couple from India, YM and Joy, both church planters, who are facing considerable challenges because of the stand they are taking for the Lord. They have been charged with "converting" people to Christianity.  In their state, if you offer someone enticement to convert (like eternal life) you can be found guilty. 

I just received the following email from YM:

"Dear brother and sister

Thanks for email and for prayers.Tomorrow Joy goes
to court for her bail.Please pray that she would be granted bail on the same
day.If judge rejects her bail then she will end up going to jail for a month
which of course will be unbearable for her.Pray that God will bring grace to us
and work in the heart of Judge.Pray that Lord will supply all the bail needs
Thanks again.
YM with  prayers"

We in the West know little of this kind of suffering for the Lord.  Let's stand with them in prayer.

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