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Over Christmas I was asked by a friend, "How do you find good blogs to read?"  Although I have not done much on this blog recently, I have been reading the blogs of other people and there is some really good stuff out there.  Consider this quote from David Watson's blog, TouchPoint:

"In a recent meeting of the top 100 church planters in our ministry,
we looked for common elements among these high producing leaders.  Each
of these church planters, along with the teams they led, started more
than 20 churches per year, each.  One group started more than 500
churches in the previous year.  The only common element we found in all
these church planters was their commitment to prayer.  There were other
common elements, but the only element that was present in every team
was a high commitment to prayer.

These leaders spent an average of three hours per day in personal
prayer.  They then spent another three hours in prayer with their teams
every day.  These leaders were not all full time religious leaders.  In
fact, most of them had regular jobs.  They started their days at 4:00
AM, and by 10:00  AM were at work.

These top performers also spent one day per week in fasting and
prayer.  The whole team spent one weekend per month in fasting and

If you are interested in church planting movements, David also has a great posting entitled, "The secret ingredient of church planting."  You can see his blog at

Another blog you might be interested in is that of Jaeson Ma.  Jaeson runs an organization called Campus Church Networks that is looking to see 24/7 prayer and the planting of simple churches on campuses across America and elsewhere in the world.  Read how they saw more than 30 students baptized in a hotel fountain pool recently.  You can read "Jaeson's Journal" at

Another blog that I always read for its interesting insights is that of Guy Muse, a missionary in Ecuador.  You can read "The M Blog" at

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