Simple Church

The World Aflame

Many denominations, extra-local fellowships and circles of emphasis will begin disbanding and severing those ties, even those that were ordained by God for a season, in order to take their place in this great net that the Lord is now forming. For some these ties will be just ignored or forgotten until they have passed away, almost without notice, because of the greater intensity and substance of this new move. For others it will be a very painful rendering as they are persecuted and rejected by those who do not understand. Those who are required to leave much behind will soon receive many times that which they have left.

Some leaders will actually disband their organizations when they realize they are no longer relevant to what God is doing. Others will just leave them behind of themselves. In becoming part of this harvest, all circles of ministry or influence with individual identities will ultimately dissolve into a single identity of simply being Christian. Single presbyteries will form over cities and localities… Their unity and harmony in purpose… will become a marvel to the world.

Rick Joyner (1993)

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