Still Searching… for America’s Christian Roots

031026730701lzzzzzzzDear Dr Dobson,

I hope this actually reaches you!

I just finished listening to your excellent program on The Myth of A Christian Nation. I came to very similar conclusions as your guest, but it seems like he had an uphill battle expressing his views. 

Our family lived in the greater Boston area for some 5 years in the 1990s. And because of that I did a lot of study of our American history, going back to the Mayflower, etc. I found some grave stories about how we persecuted Quakers in the Boston area. These dear people were like modern day missionaries who left England to evangelize the New World. Quaker martyr Mary Dyer's statue still stands on the steps to the Capital in Boston. She was left hanging on the Boston Commons to detract others fom her missionary eforts.

The most alarming story I uncovered is the lack of faith of our founding fathers, much like your guest discovered. Please read on…

  • George Washington was a 32nd degree Mason.

There is a Masonic monument in Washington his honor. Charles Finney was also a Mason before his conversion and he wrote a book exposing Masonry 150 years ago and said that the two – Christianity and Masonry – are incompatible. Washington was not a new recruit either but a 32nd degree Mason. There is only one higher level!

  • John Adams was a Unitarian.

This is easy to find out when you live in Boston, the birthplace of Unitarianism. The trouble is that many Unitarian sayings are cloaked in biblical language, much like today’s Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses. Unitarianism is the belief that God exists in one person, not three.  It is a denial of the doctrine of the Trinity as well as the full divinity of Jesus.  Therefore, it is not Christian.

  • Thomas Jefferson was a deist.

He clearly denied the deity of Jesus and his version of the New Testament with all supernatural references to miracles, healings, etc. cut out is still to be found on line at 

Jefferson and other founders who were Deists, believed in a universal God and a scientific universe. Since their writings constitute the legal foundation of the government, it is worth noting what they wrote and from where they derived their principles: Natural Law.  (Edward Mahaney-Walter)

As I add up these years I find that from 1789 – 1809 (20 long years) we have not one single President that is a true Christian. The best possible candidate in my opinion is Lincoln but that is already 1861.

I really liked it when your guest said that we are “not a Christian nation but a nation full of Christians.” That is the message your listeners need to hear and understand and live out!

Thanks for your show and your time.

Jeff Gilbertson

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