Telling Stories

A few weeks ago I was investigating story telling as a means of
communicating with non-literates.  This was tied in to a possible trip
we were taking to an Asian country where we would be working with
primarily oral learners.  I was keen to explore it, and so tried it out
with our home church, who loved it.  Somewhere in there, I also used
the method with a young man staying at our house.  I told him Jesus'
parable of the wise man building his house on the rock.

Yesterday, I was amazed to discover that this young man had told the
story and the lessons he had learned to our son, who had in turn told
them to someone else who had posted it on his blog.

For some time, I have been wondering whether telling stories would
be a good way of communicating with the under 30s in this country.
They are literate, but books are not their preferred method of
learning.  I think it is worth investigating further.

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Dear Mrs. Dale,
I teach church planting at New Orleans Baptist Seminary. My wife & I are currently back in our hometown of Austin—refugees from Hurricane Katrina. I just found out that you and Mr. Dale live here as well. We would like to meet you if you find that is convenient.
100,000 blessings,
Jack Allen

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