The Top 10 Churches in the World

The Top 10 Churches in the World
by Wolfgang Simson

Agreed: influence in today´s world is far more important than size.
However, looking at the number of people attending some of the world´s largest churches in the year 2004 gives us an understanding of where we are going in the future. Many things are changing: Churches, that have had 300.000 attenders 10 years ago, like the once famous cinema-church "Ondas del Luz y Amor" in Buenos Aires, are almost gone. Completely new models are emerging, like in India´s city Allahabad, where, on Sunday, a University simply changes into a church, with up to 80.000 people attending weekly.

Membership figures are changing strongly, and active participation can be more acurately measured by attendance – "voting with our feet" – than being a name on a membership roll. Yonggi Chos church in Seoul, for example, speaks of 773.000 members, but "only" 253.000 do actually attend the services in the main church and the Seoul satellite churches.

But one of the emerging trends is that clearly “Church” is getting defined in a very different way than we used to. It moves from a denominationally organized setup to organic regionality, from pastoral leadership to apostolic networks, from leaders to elders or parents. Church is no longer just a single organized “Church” with a Senior pastor, a building with a steeple and a programme, but more the organic fellowship and community of Christians in a City or Region – as in NT times. The Body then is the sum total of all members of the interconnected housechurches, cells, groups and interdependent churches. Leadership is no any longer happening through one Senior Pastor, but through regional teams, often functioning acording to apostolic patterns. Connectedness happens through our belonging to Christ and a earthly home: our common region or city. Unity is practically expressed in housechurches that are linked together as well as large Celebrations, or at least regional leadership meeings in areas, where the church is being watched or persecuted. A comparatively small housechurch network in an area in China, for example, would count 400.000 attenders, large ones several millions. The 10 largest regional (not national!) housechurch networks in China, Vietnam or North-India would completely change the list below.

Rank Pastor Church
average attenders

1. Yonggi Cho Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, Korea
2. Javier Vasquez Yotabeche Methodist P. Church, Santiago,
Chile 150.000
3. William Kumuyi Deeper Life Bible Church, Lagos, Nigeria
4. Mario Vega Elim Church, San Salvador, El Salvador
5. Cesar Castellanos Mision Carismatica Internacional,
Bogota, Kolumbien 90.000
6. Omar Cabrera Vision de Futuro, Santa Fe, Argentinien
7. Pastor Oh Young Nak Presbyterian Church, S.Korea
8. David Oyedepa Winners Chapel, Ota, Nigeria
9. R.B. Lal Yesu Darbar, Allahabad Agricultural
Institute, Indien 40.000
10. V. Choudhrie Chattisgarh/MPradesh Housechurchnet, Indien

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The line-up of the world largest church is a testimony of what God is doing now and it is marvelous. I need to update you a bit as concerning the churches in my country Nigeria.
1. Pastor E.A Adeboye- The Redeemed Christian Church,
(largest membership in Nigeria/Africa over 1 million members)
2. William Kumuyi Deeper Life Bible Church, Lagos,
Nigeria ( Over 400,000 members)
3. Bishop Mike Okonkwo – The Redeemed Evangelical
Mission(TREM), Lagos, Nigeria
(Over 200,000 members)
4. Bishop David Oyedepa Winners Chapel, Ota, Nigeria
(over 100,000 members)

I am surprised to find this on the simplychurch website. Are we to assume bigger is better? Does “fast-growing” mean the church is doing what God wants? The Mormons are “fast growing” – shall we all convert?
Here’s what Barna says:
The fastest growing religion (in terms of percentage) is Wicca — a Neopagan religion that is sometimes referred to as Witchcraft. Numbers of adherents went from 8,000 in 1990 to 134,000 in 2001. Their numbers of adherents are doubling about every 30 months. 4,5 Wiccans in Australia have a very similar growth pattern, from fewer than 2,000 in 1996 to 9,000 in 2001. 10 In Canada, Wiccans and other Neopagans showed the greatest percentage growth of any faith group. They totaled 21,080 members in 1991, an increase of 281% when compared with 1990.
What is the seduction of big numbers? The trinity has only 3 members. Jesus said “wherever 2 or 3 gather in my name… there am I.” What’s wrong with 3? Why is anything more necessary?
Big numbers mean nothing but big numbers. They are neutral. They mean nothing. Maybe some large churches can live up to what small house churches are doing. But I think it would be rare. LArge churches create too many levels of involvement, and are almost always run by staff.
I have been in and out of small groups and the institutional church (small and large)- and house churches are responding to the heart cry of many many people. Being a large churches with (or of) small groups is not enough – there are still too many levels, too much politics. Level-ism in the church is division. Jesus wants a level-less church. He wants a body he can inhabit.
Go small – and trust in Christ – he is real and you will find him present when you gather. Once you do, you’ll never want to go big again.

Dear sir,
I am interesting with your ministry, I would very happy if you are going to help some materials concerning with you faith.I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.
God bless you.

Dear sir,
I am interesting with your ministry, I would very happy if you are going to help some materials concerning with you faith.I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.
God bless you.

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I love god!!!!
he’s so great
lets just be catholic and forget about the rest of the religions.
also church is for uncool people

the issue is not the number of memebership that counts is the number of those who approach God,from thier heart,”not all that call him lord or all that attend church are really what matter please let saprete politic from Gods vision for us

Can I know for 2008, who are the world´s largest churches?
As I know, Tiberias ( at 7 position when on 2007.

do u know that church has to do with the salvation of mankind?read act 2:42-47,20:28 and that there is only one church for the salvation?read the following:matt.16:18-19:He promised His church (singular),and promised utterance to Apostle acts.1:6-8,He told when the kingdom (church) will be built(estasblished).In acts.2:1-4,His words were fulfilled that that they will receive the Holy Ghost,and in acts.2:14-36,Apostle Peter used the key (utterance) Christ promised in matt.16:19. In acts.2:37-47,the Isrealites that received the words were all touched and asked for what to do to be saved.
What is that church? In ephesians 4:4,bible says “there is one body………”,what is that body?col.1:18 tells us that it is the CHURCH,and that Christ is the Head,the church has no earthly founder unlike the DENOMINATIONS WE HAVE AROUND US TODAY,it’s Head quarter is heaven,Heb.12:23, they follow these steps in their worship as seen in the first christians:
1.They prayed (with understanding) acts.2:42
2.They sang songs of praises (not with drums,violing,guitar,and many othermusical instruments)acts.2:47
3.They studied the undiluted words of God Almighty. acts.2:42
4.They observed the Holy communion. acts.2:42(every First day of the week {Sunday}acts.20:7)
5.They gave their best (offering)unto God.acts.2:45.not tithe as we see so many DENOMINATIONS doing today (Tithe was for the Isrealites during their days.Deut.14:22,and it was done yearly for them to eat it themselves Deut.14:22-23,money was not commanded by God to be used in paying tithe Deut.14:24-26,and moreso, every three years which must include the levites, Deut.14:27-29. Christ condemned it matt.23:23)
will some other time………..for more clarification, and group study,mail me:, or call 08024781909….None is island of knowledge, but God demenads this from us read 2Tim.2:15.

          New Chronological Timeline
     A portion of the Little Book from revelations ch 10
  The end time Elijah whom was sent to restore all things pertaining to the government of the church, he correctly determined the positions of each member in the Body of Christ depending on their GOD given gifts, authority rendered, and their rank or order in the government of God, otherwise referred to as GODS”  Government or better yet the Celestial Hierarchy. The third order known by several names is apostle or bondservant or powers is the heavenly title for these magnificent examples of GODS creativity. Then there is thebsecond order known as prophets, and servant, and in heaven they are called arch angels. Many people are under the false belief that arch angelsnare theost powerful and they also believe the devil was an arch. Ussually,an individual can only attain the first three levels of heavenly kingdom, however in heaven there is room for comtinual advancemt in authority which is demonstrated by love which is perfected by faith. All of this is possible because of the GREAT GOD OF ISRAEL whom gives all and takes all.. Mr Armstrong also rightly divided the ten commandments andthe seven Holy days. Mr. Armstrongs was given to assingments. 1To restore all things Rotherham church which consisted of rightly dividing the ten commandments and the seven Holy days 2 Elijah”s second commision to reveal mysteries that had been hidden since the foundation of the world. Many people incorrectly assume that Elijah revealed all mysteries because he was sent to restore all things. He was to restore the government of GOD thus teach and show the entire world how to worship GOD but he was not asked nor did he fullfil
the assingment of revealing all mysterires. His statement was that mystery of the ages was the main thread of the Hly Bible, not the entire Holy Bible. Me. Armstrong knew more than anybody else That after John finally went to sleep on the island of patmos. The Philadelphia church of was GODS true churcheft behind by Heebert W Armstrong until they began to manifest the very clues left behind by mr Armstrong also known as the end time Elijah. The two clues that would prove to shine light on the very specefic and exact detailed description of the two sins that caused GODS CHURCH to become gods church. One was a personal proverb created by Elijah and the other clue was a certain scripture that GOD utilized a lead pole with a sharp diamond tipped point to engrave on the hearts of all of Mr . Armstrongs  students. The bitter yet profound irony lies in the fact that the very statments and a certain scripture that the Philadelphia church of god is constantly reaffirming are the very scriptures that they are failing to understand on a deep nutritional GODLY plain. The scripture is “Cursed is the man that tusteth in man” and his personal statments is “It is harder to un learn one false truth than it is to learn a thousand new ones” This will prove to be the two main reasons GOD closed the door on the Philadelphia church of GOD.  The pcg originally became GODS church because they remained loyal to what Elijah had taught them  and to the government that he restored and they being Mr. Gerlad Flurry and the other man was mr . John Amos. They did not reject him as all the others did. However, they made one crucial mistake, a mistake that could have been made by anybody. In there defending him and their emotional loyalty they gradually but surly exalted him to a position of almost perfection. They fogot that Mr 
. Armstrong was still just a man no doubt he was an apostle and there has been no man Born on this earth greaterthan Elijah, of natural birth. They caught caught up in their emotional loyalty and forgot that he was just a man capable of errors and most assuredly he was going to make errors. They forgot this type of a mind set. They no longer spent time searching his worksn for mis judgements and false truths. Due these two obvious sins they ended up trusting the works of man and theynforgot to locate the errors. Ask gerlad Flirry to point out all the false truths that he has been vigilrously supporting. GOD tried to tell mr Flurry that he was drifting off course when he willingly choose to participate in the courts of this world come out of the world and be ye seperate do not dive head first into the world with laywers and the ninth circuit talk about wicked balances. They took their eyes off of Jesus and ultimately off of the FAHTER. They were suppose to pick up where Hebert left off  by restoring the  church, creating a new thing and continuing to reveal mysteries that have been hidden. This continuing to drift off course began to slowly harden the heart of their passtor. The final blow was when Mr . Flurry recieved a rough copy of the Little Book and he entertained it and decided to keep it from the hands of tha flock
He knew there was things that needed to be addressed but he decided instead of letting the member look for themselves he made extra effort to ensure that this book would not make it into the hands of the majority. Why would he do that because this Little Book is the real Little Book and it shakes every piece of earth under Geralds foundation and the last thing Mr . flurry need is anyone testing his foundation. The crazy thing is that the organization of arrons rod the government must be correctly dispersed because the flock is now manifesting the exact same sins as their very own pastor. Just as Mr Flurry trusted to much in mr Armstrong and forgot to find his errors so is the flock now putting to much trust into Gerald Flurry and their forgetting to search and finds his errors in judgment. I know that I cannot be trusted and I am begging the reader ti find my errors I  judgement because I know they are there because GOD says we are all worthless. There is not one who has answered when HE called including me and it was my responsibility to, my assingment but the prophet Gerald errs through strong drink and he wears thick clay make-up for his television program.s  I have errs in judgement due to strong drink but not that of wine. pain medication that has been an idol and I have become worthless and I plead for HIS MERCY FOR ONLY HIS COMPASSION WILL SAVE US. we are to wicked to corrupt. Now, back to the main subject; new revelation pertaining to the actual timeline of the story in which the Holy Bible is generally believed to be told is innacurate. This is the new thing that adds one many prieces of criteria to the identity of the lukewarm angel. What if Genesis is not the begginning of the story but rather the beginning of when GOD created the spirit of man and HE came down to earth and dwelt with man in the garden or GODS green earth. This is when GOD gave Adam or David dominion over the whole earth by crowning him king of ISRAEL. Genesisto Exodus is a summary of the entire biblical  story. Then starting with Sameul and ending with Ezra HE proceeds to tell the same story that Genesis to Exodus summarizes except this time the story is told with explicit detail and mind staggering percision. Ezra which is a book that is describing the royal line of kings who were not all what they seemed.  Then we have Nehemiah who worked feverishly building the ark and remember Solomon made slaves out of the tribe of Judah which even followed the same pattern after the flood bccause the HEbrews were the tribe of Judah and the Egyptians quickly rose to power and made forced labor out of Judah which was obviously following the same pattern that occured before the flood with Solomon and his forced labor and his Egyptian loyalty. After Ezra which is a symbolic representaion of Noah and ham who was hung in the gallos of the ship. Then after the flood Mosses brought them up and freed the forced labor that stll lingered from the days of Solomon.  Chronicals is about the chronicals of the angels before the flood came when the angels could go to and from their bodies or tents, also called tabernacles and they were even referred to as the assembly or the host of heaven. This is why all the men in chronicals and kings are referred to as mighty men, we know the scriptures state that angels are greater in power and might, hence mighty men or men of valour or valient men. Chronicals and kings is the historical story of the times of the angels when GOD inhabitated this world with angels prior to the flood of Noah, also known as Ezra. People fail to understand that GOD created the soul or human body or tent or tabernacle or nepesh or the likeness or the image of GOD LONG BEFORE HE created the spirit of man. Does one honestly believe that GOD made the angels of heaven not to behold HIS image. God does not change ” I change not” Genesis read to Exodus enables the reader to understand  the physical history of the earth summerized from the first until the last. Then if you read Exodus backwards to Genesis GOD describes a summary of the spiritual future that is to occur rather that the physical temporal history that has already occured. This mind blowing and intellectually staggering truth behind the utter brilliance of our CREATOR AND THE POWER OF HIS Christ. This means that not only will the people who were first be the last people but it also means that GOD is describing the end of the story at the begginning of the story in a summarized view, except the story must be read from the end of Exodus to the beginning of Genesis or from the last untill the first. Thus if one reads from the Genesis to Exodusone will gain insight on the general summary of the biblical story on a physical and temporal level starting with the inception of the spirit of man which also in includes a summerized version and physical history of the angels also known as the chronicals of the angels, kings of Judah, the famous breach, the division, and the wicked sons of Solomon. Solomon was also known and symbolically described as Cain who slew his righteous brother Adonijah who had alreadybeen coronated and God was pleased with his offering, but Solomon slew Adonijah in his field right in front of the horns of the alter this is why his blood cried out from the ground. However, if one reads from Exodus backwards to Genesis then one will gain insight into the spiritual future that is in our immediate future, but none the less it will also be in a summarized and general context.  Once again if one reads from Exodus bachwards to Genesis, or from the last to the first then one will gain a summerized version of the spiritual future that is to come. As oppossed to reading from Genesis to Exodus or from the first to the last and gaining insight into a summerized version of the temporal past that has already occured rather than the spiritual context of events that are going to occur, hence Jesus Christ, is the Spirit of prophecy. Let me give you an example. Abraham Lincoln was the spiritual incarnation of the physical Abraham whom was to become a father of many nations,obviously speaking about the united states of America. Each state representing a nation. This is what the Holy Sciptures refers to as the mystery of the incarnation or the mystery of the disspensation or Hierarchy of GOD in Heaven. ” HE revealeth HIS secrets unto HIS HOLY prophets whom never die”. These Holy prophets continue to return and they never die because they are Holy angels that already have their eternal bodies of SPIRIT, although while on earth they are still wrapped in sinful skin and are by no means exempt from sin but they are the true disspensation or as Paul described it the mystery of the  incarnation or hierarchy of the heavenly order. The story began at the end of Exodus describing the spirtual events in a summerized version that are going to occur in the future. Then when you get to Abraham and his generation, this is exactly when Abraham Lincoln was born and GOD in HIS SUPREME GLORY was fullfilling HIS spiritual promises by making Abraham Lincoln who was the same Abraham from old, the incarnation of the Holy Patriarch, a spiritual father of many nations by setting him in the position of President of the United States of America where Abraham could freely exercise a spiritual fathers role over the many nations or states in which he presided. This is why He was I believe the second or perhaps the only president to ever declare a national day of prayer and fasting. You must understand  that Abraham Lincoln knew then living GOD and he utilized that spitual knowledge to exercise his role as a spiritual father of the united States of America. Abraham Lincolns title was ” the father of many nations” the exact same name or title given to the old patriarch Abraham. Why were they  both called the same thing because they were the same thing. Then if one continues to go backwards in the generations from the last until the first. One will be amazed to find that Abraham Lincoln was exactly as many generations before Elijah, also known as Herbert W Armstrong as the original or first Elijah was before Abraham, only now because it i
s going from last to first, Elijah or Mr Armstrong came after Abraham instead of before. Now, for another thundering peice of proof, Elijah was  exactly three generations after Noah according to the Holy scriptures and one will be astonished to realize that Herbert W Armstrong would have been my great grandfather which means he came exactly three generations before Noah instead of after Noah when the Holy Scriptures were being interpretated from first to last rather than from the last until the first. Herbert W Armstrong who was Elijah and wrote a book called Mystery of the Ages in which this book is the sequel, he died or rather went to sleep in  1986 when I was 13 years old which falls into the perfect timeline of generations if we are counting from the last until the first. In the beginning Noah gave birth to Japeth who gave birth to Javan who gave birth to Elishah. Elishah was three generations after Noah rather then three generations before Noah such as Hebert W Armstrong was since now it is the end GOD is going from Last to first. Now the reader might fully start to understand  the scipture “I am the beginning and the end the first and the last” or ” The first shall be last and the last shall be first” Thankyou GOD for YOUR SPIRITUAL MANNA for now we have been given the mystery of the incarnation and it is only by your SPIRIT AND THE POWER OF YOUR CHRIST THAT THESE THINGS ARE NOW BEING REVEALED. Thankyou HOLY FATHER And thankyou Jesus Christ for being the SPIRIT of prophesy. Elijah who was Herbert W Armstrong on His third commision. GOD appears to complete things in incraments of seven but yet he does things I  sets of three. There were three levels in Noahs ark, there are three shelves in the innermost sanctuary which is all rienforced by Jesus saying and doing many things in sets of three. Jesus will have ultimately come to earth three times 1st as mechelsedech, the king whom Ezra or Noah found favor with, then as Jesus Christ, and very soon He will return   with Power and Glory to administer the true dispensation or hierArchy of GOD. GODS DIVINE GOVERERNMENT. Quotes such as ” seperate my sheep, tend to my sheep, and sheppard my sheep and when Jesus asked three times if the disciples loved Him and even the parables in sets of three are symbolic of the first three orders of the celestial hierarchy or the three lives of His Holy people from the loins of Judah or David. Mr. Armstrong or Elijah came three generations before me just like he came three generation after Noah when the Holy Bible is describing the summarized physical history that has already occured. Now, since we know the Holy Bible is going from last to first we are able to gain prophetic insight into who is to come in our spiritual future and the identity of the two witnesses also starts to become clear when one reads from the end of Exodus to the beginning of Genesis gaining spiritual insight into the spiritual future as opposed to the temporal physical past. For example just as Noah became physically drunk with wine, he will now become spirtually drunk and shamefully expose himself, instigAting reproach because I have erred in judgement by putting a stumbling block a rock of offence before HIM WHO LIVES FOREVER. This is the idol that must be removed from my heart which opens up doors for other idols which is my pain medication that I have been on for years. Now, if you carefully examine the generations that came before Noah, such as Mihalelhleh who is Micheal also known by His human name Moses who will be one of the two witnesses and perhaps Enoch who is Elijah who will have to prophesy again and since he was given power to stop the rain and he never was martyrd I believe Elijah who is Enoch will ultiamtely be martryd as the the other witness next to Moses who is Micheal who is Mihalalehel the other witness who has never been martryd such as their perfect example Jesus Christ. The flood had to have come after the chronicals of the angels and the Kings of Judah and David who was the first Adam and Solomon who was the infamous breach because he was not really Davids son in fact he was not even half israelitte. Bathsheba totally lied to David and this is when the unblessed and violent people from the descendants of Esau took over the throne of Israel. Solomon even says I am an Ammorite and a Hittite. Solomon was uzziahs” son. He had not a single drop of Israelitte blood in him and he was GODS first chosen son, Lucifer, also known as Solomon the wisest man to ever live during the chronicals of the angels or mighty men,valient men which are coded terms used to describe the physical earthy status of their position in the disspensation or  hierarchy of GOD. Valient man is a description of the third order of the celestial hierarchy and mighty men is a description of the second order of angels known as arch angels and the third order is known as Powers or by their earthy coded names apostles or bondservants. Solomon/Lucifer who was also known as Cain who killed his righteous brother Adonijah who was metaphorically called Abel and he was killed without cause. This was a direct result of David putting Bathsheba who was Eve, before GOD. Solomon reinged for forty years eventually causing division in the Assembly or Host of heaven also known as angels. A third of the people or kingdom followed After Solomon, after all he was the king and this is when he made slaves out of the sons of Judah. We know this all happened before the great flood because that is why it rained for forty days and forty nights which is symbolic for how many years Solomon ruled, each day and night representing one of Solomons or Lucifers also called Nebachanezzar years of rule and dominion over the children of Israel which was a total of forty years. We also have more steal and mortar to add to this mind blowing truth about the real and true timeline, the accurate and true sequence of events that make up our physical temporal past at which will soon prove to define our spiritual predestined future. Sameul, the book of Kings and Chronicals are all a detailed and explicit account of what Genesis and Exodus summarizes. We know the angels inhabited the earth before the SPIRIT of man was made. What humanity fails to realize is that when angels ruled the world they also had bodies made in the image of their creator, like David and Solomon and all of the assembly of heaven also called the host of heaven. These men were called mighty men and valient men because they were angels and they were stronger in power and might which is defined by the Holy Scriptures as intellect and physical coodination and more power behind their prayers.  The reason cities had to have walls built around them was to protect the cities and the people from the dinasaurs, who appeared to rule parts of the earth before the flood. This is why GOD SAID after the flood ” That the fearof every animal will be in your hand”. This meant that now man would dominate over the beasts of the field rather then the other way around. If Adam was David then we know the flood came after  Solomon/Lucifer caused a third of the assembly to follow him and thus a third of the stars fell from heaven. Plus, Solomon spent seven years building GODS TEMPLE and Solomon spent thirteen years building his own house this is why Abraham was told to circumcise  the Issraelittes on the eigth  day and the children of Esau or of the lineage of Solomon were told to be circumcised on the thirteenth day. This was obviously commanded so the children of GOD would be seperated from the children of Solomon or the devil which only adds credence to the mind blowing fact that Solomon and the chronicals of the angels and the kings of Judah all came before the flood of Noah or Nehemiah/ Ezra. Esau or Ishmael was cicumsized on the thirteenth day as a sign to all Israel that they were the offspring of Solomon also known as Cain. Solomon/Cain produced the wickedest king to ever rule Jerobium who was Solomons son and might have even come from Solomon mating with his own mother Bathsheba but this is only a theory in regards to the incest. Judges, Samuel, Kings, chronicals all the way
to Ezra is a detailed account of temporal history from Adam all the way to Noah who was Ezra and beyond to the slaves being freed and once again turning away and then only GODS enduring mercy is left to save mankind. It is only because of GODS KINDNESS AND LOVE that we are here today and it is only BY HIS KINDNESS AND LOVE THAT WE WILL BE HERE TOMMORROW. God is going to destroy Davids throne whom should really be called Solomon throne or Lucifers throne, if Solmomon was to rebel and not walk in the paths of David then GOD was going to utterly destroy that throne. There is much confusionand unanswered questions regarding the current timeline that we have developed and believe to be the accurate chronological order in which the events in the Holy Scriptures that have already occured and the events that are fast approaching in our immediate future. The time for which schoars cannot seem to account for a long period of time in which nobody seems to be occupying the throne of Israel after  Chronicals and kings when the flood came and Ezra who wrote the lost book of the law that was later found by Hilkiah and served to be a powerful influence on Josiah was the same book that sits before your eyes right now except cut in half because the latter period of rme bad not occured, although I am not sure that really matters because it was occuring for them on a physical and temporal level which was mores real to them then perhaps the spiritual level in which the Biblical story is unfolding during our present generation. As for the unexplained time when nobody seemed tone on the throne was when Noah was on the ark. The ark was the first second physical example of GODS TEMPLE after Solomons temple. What people fail to realize is the scripture regarding the throne of David never lacking a man to sit on the throne applied to the stipulation that Solomon would not rebel and this unfortunately is not what happened. Solomon did turn from GOD and never returned with repentance like David did. Due to the fact that the Sons of Israel had taken foriengn wives when they saw that the daughters of men were fair, they took all of whom they chose. GOD decided to start over with Noah who was a direct descendant of David and eventually brought forth the KING OF KINGS out of the loins of Judah. This is why in the minor prophets it says there would be a lawgiver that would have a fatherly role and comes from between Jesus Christ feet. This means that Noah who was originally from the loins of David who came from the author and finisher of our fate, Jesus Christ. Another compelling fact that substantiates this new timeline is the fact that GOD made his determination about mans heart being decietfully wicked above all things after he saw what mans heart or mind did to HIS prize creation from the eigth order of the celestial hierarchy, HIS cherub Lucifer/Solomon/Cain. Turning Lucifer into a boastful envious state of rebellion. GOD was warning all of us not to underestimate the darkness of mans heart and or mind. If it caused Lucifer to fall then do you not think you are in danger or I am. Without Jesus Christ we would have been through a long time ago. Nobody is exempt especially not myself for I have already proven to have let GOD down when HE called
I was not there to answer. I am a disgrace beccause of that.  This is why “the children eat sour grapes and their teeth are set on edge”. This means that Jesus Christ represents the Blood a d the Spirit two key ingrediance for making wine and we know Jesus is perfect so since Noah represents the Water which has become polluted because of my harlotry therefore
The children eat sour grapes and their teeth are set on edge. This is basically saying that there are inaccuricies in this Little Book, although there are many profound new truths there are also errors in judgement. Remember to prove
All things by the word of GOD. “cursed is the man that trusteth in man” Regarding the two witnesses it is possibly that Enoch is John who wrote revelations who is also job he will also have to. Fulfill his third commission and be martyd to obtain his rank of principality the fourth order. Gabriel who is Noah has always Been the anouncer as well as the scribe Ezra Noah second commission is when he announced the American langauge and  helped to teach thousands of israelittes how to read with the blue back speller Noah Webster. The strangers fulfill 3 commissions following after Jesus who is our High Priest. Sincerly Noah Dibble

A portion of the Little Book discussed in Revelations ch 10 The historical order of chronological events in which the entire old testament is thought to be organized from the first to the last story is incorrectly arranged by literally epochs of events that belong before other major events and I will use GODS HOLY WORD to prove this. What if Genesis is not the begginning of the story but rather the very first tome GOS decides to create the Spirit of man and come downi and dwell with man in the garden we now call earth. When GOD gave David who was also Adam the keys to the kingdom by crowning David King od Israel and giving h dominion over all of the good land. Genesis to Exodus os a general summary of the entire story of the whole Bible. Then starting with Samuel all the way to Ezra the Holy Scriptures proceed to describe the detailed acount of the very same story that is summerized in Gemesis to
Exodus. Ezra which the a story about the wife of your youth. It clearly and plainly describes the building of the ark and Mordecia was sent there to help free Gabriel who was Ezra who is also Noah. It even clearly descibes the betrayal by Ham and how he intended to kill Noah but when the King who is Christ or rather Medhelsdick finds Haman in a comprising position with his wife. The king of kings says will you also have my wife ham and that is when  Haman or ham was cursed, it even goes into explicit detail about the fact that Haman was hung on the gallos. Gallos are made of wood and they are ussually found on boats. The city with it”s high walls that were the same size as the ark, was the ark and throne. This city of Jerusalem that was being contructed was the throne the city and the boat of Noahs ark all In one same object and the tine period for which scholars cannot account for when anybody was on the throne of Israel, was the very time Ezra/Noah was sitting on the ark/ throne. After Ezra and nehamiah finished the ark then the flood came. Then later Moses
Brought them out of Egypt.Chronicals is about the chronicles of the angels before the flood came in the days of old when angels could freely come and go from their bodies or tents, also referred to as the assembly or the Host of heaven. This is why all the men in Chronicals are referred to as mighty men because angels are greater in power and might hence mighty men or valient men. Chronicals and kings is the history of when the angels inhabitted the earth. Do you honestly believe GOD would make angels not to behold his image.GOD does not change I change not. Peoplefail to understand that GOD can put anything in the soul that he deires he has no limits, excpt for one and that has to do with the building of character in a free willed entity.. Genesis to Exodus is describing the temporal physical past in a summerized version and if you read Exodus backwards to Genesis it will descibes the spiritual future that is to come rather than the physical past that has alreadtly occured. This mind blowing and intelectually staggering truth behind the absolute brilliance of our CREATOR JEHOVAH AND THE POWER OF HIS CHRIST!!
This means that not GOD iis describing the end of the story in a summerized view at the beginning, except then story must be read from exodus to genesis backwards in order to attain prophetic insight into the future and understand the spiritual events that are going to occur rather than understanding the physical and temporal events that have already occured. Now, read this slowly. If an individual reads from the book of Genesis to the book of Exodus one will understand a generalized summary of the entire story of the Holy Bible. From the first until the last in a physical and temporal context describing ebrutjimg in a long period of time in a short amount of space. One must understand that these men of old lived a life span of almost nine to ten centuries long and we know from our experience here on earth that alot of things can transpire during a millenium. Let us racapitute the books of Genesis and Exodus are a summary of the the entire Biblical story from the first until the last. Then starting with Samuel all the  way to the book of Ezra the Holy Scriptures proceed to describe a detailed and explicit account oft the the very same story that Genesis and Exodus sumarize. So, we can clearly see that the Holy Bible itself is broken down into three main parts. We know that GODS number for completion is seven but we must also conclude that HE likes to do things in sets of three or perhaps three and a Half which times two equals seven. The first part is from Genesis to Exodus and it is a general outline and summary of the entire Holy Bible Trilogy describing the entire story from the beginning to the end. Then you have the second part which is from Samuel to Ezra basically the remainderof the Old Testament in which GOD declares with mind bending detail and persicion accuracy the story that is summarized by Genesis and Exodus is now being told in total detail giving account of every child and every generation born within the large life spans of these ancient men. Then the second part of the Holy Scripture concludes with the final building of Jerusalem with it’s 50 cubit highn walls and it’s sheep gate and flood gate which is an obvious description of Noah ark even the heigth of the walls correspond to that of the ark. Then it concludes with 
the captives being freed by GODS Merciful and Loving ways and then the flood comes. This is the percise time that many of the scholars cannot understand who was sitting on the throne of Israel and how the book of Mosses with the Law made it through the chronicals to be found later by Hilkiah. Then the third part of the Holy Bible is the beginning of the Church with Jesus Christ fulfilling what Solomon failed to accomplish during the chronicals of the angels and the king of Judah. Let us go back for one minute after the world wide flood the Egyptians followed right back into the same pattern Solomon had set up when he made slaves and forced labor of the sons of Judah this is why after the flood it was not long until the Hebrews were once again exploited by the Ammorittes and the Hittites and then Moses was raised up as the deliverer of the Hebrew slaves. Michael who is Moses is the prince of Israel and Gabriel who is Noah is the prince of Persia and just as Moses will come to represnt his people the Israelittes so will Gabriel be nourishing the Gentiles who will be a foriegn nation in which that will run to him that he will not know.          Noah Dibble

A portion of the Little Book found in revelations ch 10 Mysteries Revealing a Whole new time line “The New Thing”
    Let us imagine for a brief moment In time, a entirely new timeline regarding the story to the Holy Scripturese and a new approach to understanding the chronological events that seperated the epochs and ultimately discerned the first from the last and the last from the first. For centuries and even milleniums man and woman have labored to understand the correct historical order of chronological events that describe and outline one of the only sources of truth this world has ever known , The Holy Bible. Scholars,prophets, and apostles have all endeavored to rightly divide the Word of Truth and thanks be to the revealer of mysteries Whom dwelleth in the innermost sanctuary, the ONE Whom Lives Forever and Ever we have come very far in unraveling the greatest mystery to ever touch this world. However, let us entertain the concept that one of these large foundational truths that in which it is so massive and so obvious that it eludes humanity,not just because it seems so rational to think that after all this time the general timeline of the Holy Bible and the manner in which the story is told would be one of the first things one would put under their Holy Spirit filled microscope and question or at least rearrange. Surprisingly to my utter grattitude the old proverb left behind by the end time Elijah (Herbert W Armstrong) would prove to cast peircing amounts of light into the dark future that that quickly brought the Philadelphia era to it”s end and introduced the Ladicean era, the seventh era. Each era was guided by one of the sons of Judah, each manifesting their own strengths and weaknesses, just as the physical churches that were located along a famous old Roman highway in which the apostles would expedite their letters written to the seven churches. The very temporal and physical elements that each church manifested are now being made abundantly clear in a spiritual context and on a spiritual unseen symbolic plain rather than a physical plain of substance and temporal matter. Let me give you an example, just as the seventh physical church  of Ladacia had some people whom were rightly dividing the Word of Truth and living righteously there were also half of the congragation that was unwilling to properly obey or rightly judge the word of truth. Therfore the church became lukewarm meaning that as a whole body or physical congragation they were not all willing to properly honour the FATHER by their obedience which will often lead to the sacrafice of ones own physical life. Now, in all of GODS SUPREME GLORY HE has chosen to manifest each physical temporal church by an era of time. Each seperate and distinct era would ultimately display the same spiritual characteristics   That each seperate and distinct church displayed on a physical level. Now, each church had it strengths and it weaknesses, and they were not proportionatly manifested equally. Some had more weaknesses than others while others such as the Philadelphia era had more strengths than others. Well it appears as though GOD has decided to manifest in His seventh era which is GODS number for completion a culmination of all era”s together, resulting in a spiritual leader who is manifesting all of the spiritual attributes and defects durings his era of leadership that each one of the physical churches manifested during their physical time of leadership. Imagine these seven churches that were on this heavily traveled highway of commerce. If one of the apostels like Paul were to write a letter to to the churches the letter would travel on this highway eventually reaching the church for which it was intented. However we can well assume that if one church recieved a letter adresses to them the other churches were eager to learn from the kernals of truth, even if it was not specifically pertaining to their particualr church. Now,imagine the benefit of the last church on the route as well as the disadvantes. One would assume that the advantages would out way the disadvantages. None the less, the seventh church of Laodicea had the advantage of learning what all the other churches had already acquired whether it be of the truth or that which had been incorrectly rienforced from the very fist church which brings us to are proverb written by the end time Elijah. “It is harder to unlearn one false truth than it is to learn a thousand new truths” Just as the seventh physical church seemed to have the distinct advantage of gaining the insight of the churches that came before them , they also had the burden of discovering erronious truths that slipped on by way of mans intervention and self exaltation, otherwise known as vanity!!! Now, consider the seventh church era with it”s leader just as the physical churches had thier leader who was ultimately under the High Priest Jesus, who follows the GOD of gods, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!! Now, we have a spiritual leader who will be physically manifesting all of the spiritual conditions that the seventh church being the last church on the heavily traveled road. It is a metaphor. Think of the road as time and the seventh church leader will have the advantage of learning all the things that the other churches have already learned, however just like their are so many rewritten translations and variations of editions and versions creating many types of Holy Bibles. There is the advantage of having all the information that all the other churches or era”s had accumulated, however on the other hand this seventh leader or seventh church had to sort through the lies depending on the HOLY SPIRIT to discern between the light and the dark. We also must take into consideration the fact that it is an individuals obedience to GODS ROYAL LAW that defines how much of the HOLY SPIRIT will dwell within them. This is where I have fallen short and therefore I have made bad judgements and passed up many of blessings because I was blinded by my harlotry. I  am so sorry FATHER please hear my cry and render your protective righteous judgement. This seventh leader has the responsibility of seperating the lies from the truth. Granted he has the distinct advantage of learning from the six churches that were before him but that is assuming that all they learned was true and that it was not just more time for the truth to be watered down and the devil to accert his influence. Have you ever played the game telephone, if so I believe my point will become evident. If not the last church of Laodicea had the benefit of gathering lessons that other churches had already learned,processed and matured in the knowledge of the Truth but it also had to Wade through all of the interventions of vanity as well as plain old lies that had been given time to perfect and thoroughrly rienforce such as the genral timeline of events and the order in which the books are generally interpretated. I remember when GOD gave me one of HIS thoughts. I have never forgot it ” All great lies are built on pillars of Truth” Another factor that drastically affected the church of “Laodicea was that they often had to wait so long for thier spiritual manna that during their idle time of dispair they fell into the works of the flesh while waiting for the letters from the SPIRIT. In some cases by the time they did recieved the letters of the SPIRIT they were unwilling to believe because the letters had tarried for so long and many had already indulged into much sin allowing the heart to become hardened by the decietfulness of sin. Now. To describe it on yet another level, a level of epochs and large spaces of time and generalites, accurate generalities or a percise summerized perspective. The first man David/Adam fell into sin and turned from GOD but realized by the Hand of GOD and repented, thus he will bring glory to GOD and he came before the perfect one and David will not recieved the glory that Christ will but just as Christ came from the loines of David yet David walked the earth before Christ and will rule with Christ,even though David /Adam turned by idolatry he was still led by GOD to repent. GODS first chosen Son Lucifer/Solomon/Cain was given great power and beacame proud so God decided to more than equal t
he balances by allowing Jesus to come to earth as His second Son with very little power and he displayed uparalled obedience demonstrating total humility. Jesus was given the lowest rank and totally dishonered for a short amount of time yet extremely severe and He went from having all power in heaven to having none. Now, Solomon/Cain/Lucifer went from having all power on earth for a long time to having no power for the milennium a long time again yet much less extreme measures. GOD is perfecting everybody each on their own manner for HIS glory depending on the million upon million variables that each complex and diverse entity requires .  We have Adam who sinned and had an kingly life but suffers much as well. Then we have Noah who excersised faith in GOD and lived so everone else could live and he became the father of humanity and then just like Adam/David and Solomon/Cain/Lucifer and Jesus Christ were all first they will also be manifested in Noah who was the first to make acovenant with GOD and live for the people and become their father but ended up idolizing Strong drink but not that of wine but because of GODS enduring mercy he will be saved just like David/Adam number one it is almost as though David was Adam 1 ans Solomon was Adam 2 and Noah was Adam 3 and Jesus was the perfect Adam 4 bit since the last will be first Jesus is really number one.the seventh angel who is the lukewarm angel is manifesting all of the traits and characteristics of those who came before him as well as those who came after him if you can follow the SPIRIT for I know this is strong meat. The very reason the seventh angel is Luke warm is because he is manifesting 4 parts humanity and three part divinity.

Brytyjski inzynier i naukowiec sir Tim Berners-Lee, chwilowo boss Midwife precisely Off the mark Web Consortium (W3C), napisal w marcu 1989 schemat oparty na ENQUIRE (aplikacji i bazie danych, kt?ra stworzyl na wlasny uzytek w 1980). Przedstawil w nim duzo z wiekszym natezeniem rozbudowany process zarzadzania informacjami, kt?ry stal sie zalazkiem obecnej WWW. Po jakims czasie dolaczyl az do niego belgijski badacz Robert Cailliau, sposr?d kt?rym Lee wsp?lpracowal w osrodku CERN. 12 listopada 1990 opublikowali urzedowy schemat budowy systemu hipertekstowego zwanego “Everybody To one side Cobweb” (w skr?cie: WWW, wzglednie jeszcze kr?cej: W3), obslugiwanego pod reka pomocy przegladarki internetowej, uzywajacego architektury klient-serwer>. Uzycie hipertekstu umozliwilo dostep az do r?znego rodzaju informacji poprzez siec odnosnik?w, tzw. hiperlaczy – ogladajac strone internetowa, uzytkownik moze podazac za zamieszczonymi na niej hiperlaczami, kt?re przenosza take up do innych, udostepnionych w sieci dokument?w lub innych stron internetowych. Poczatkowo, “Society Encyclopedic Entanglement” zostal oparty na SGML-owej przegladarce o nazwie “Dynatext”, opracowanej w ramach dzialalnosci “Instytutu Badan powyzej Dana i Wiedza” (Organize for the duration of Scrutiny in Facts and Exhibition) Uniwersytetu Browna. “Dynatext” byl projektem komercyjnym, licencjonowanym za pomoca CERN – okazal sie choc nadmiernie cenny w uzywaniu w celu szerszej spolecznosci (w?wczas bylo owo srodowisko fizyk?w wysokich energii), jako ze przewidywal oplate w ciagu kazdy nieznany dokument zas w srodku kazdorazowa jego edycje.
Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee
System informacyjny “Superb Wide Trap” Program do tworzenia stron www zaprojektowano, zeby zbierac zasoby ludzkiej wiedzy i umozliwic wsp?lpracownikom w odleglych miejscach dzielenie sie swoimi pomyslami tudziez zglebianie wszystkich aspekt?w wsp?lnego projektu. W przypadku, gdy dw?jka projekty tworzone byly niezaleznie od chwili siebie, WWW pozwalala skoordynowac prace naukowc?w, dzieki dlaczego obie prace stawaly sie jednym sp?jnym dzielem. Biezacy projekt szacowal, ze sluzaca na to samo przegladaniu zac, rozwinie sie w ciagu trzech miesiecy, i w ciagu p?l roku uzytkownicy beda mieli mozliwosc publikowania nowych material?w tudziez odnosnik?w do nich, dzieki w jakim celu approach stanie sie w pelni zbiorowy. Usluga zostala oficjalnie uruchomiona w grudniu 1990 roku.
Jako gl?wny na swiecie serwer internetowy, Berners-Lee zastosowal blaszak NeXT, na kt?rym stworzyl r?wniez pierwsza przegladarke o nazwie WorldWideWeb (zmienionej p?zniej na Nexus). Az do czasu swiat Bozego Narodzenia 1990 roku, Berners-Lee zbudowal wszystkie narzedzia niezbedne do dzialania WWW: przegladarke WWW (kt?ra sluzyla r?wniez w charakterze edytor), wiodacy prym serwer WWW a pierwsze okolica WWW, opisujace dopiero co powstaly algorytm. 6 sierpnia 1991 roku zamiescil kr?tkie podsumowanie projektu “WordWideWeb” na grupie dyskusyjnej alt.hypertext. Ta materials jest r?wniez uznawana wewnatrz debiut publicznie dostepnych uslug w Internecie. Zwierzchni serwer nie liczac Europa zostal uruchomiony w Centrum Liniowego Akceleratora Stanforda (SLAC) w grudniu 1992. Zasadnicza koncepcja hipertekstu pochodzi ze starszych projekt?w sposr?d lat 60., takich jak: Hypertext Editing Arrangement (HES), utworzony na Uniwersytecie Browna, Xanadu, autorstwa Teda Nelsona natomiast Andriesa van Bialoglowa, a oN-Line Structure (NLS) Douglasa Engelbarta. Nelson natomiast Engelbart sposr?d kolei inspirowali sie mikrokomputerem Memex, kto w 1945 r. zostal powyzszy esejem pt. “As We May Judge” Vannevara Busha.
Przelomem w projekcie bylo polaczenie hipertekstu sposr?d internetem. W swojej ksiazce pt. “Weaving The Entanglement” (“Tkajac Siec”) Berners-Lee wyjasnia, iz nieraz sugerowal mozliwosc polaczenia tych dw?ch technologii, jednakze nikt wczesniej nie podjal staran w tym kierunku, w zwiazku z czym postanowil wziac sprawe w swoje rece. Na potrzeby projektu skryba opracowal structure og?lnodostepnych, unikalnych identyfikator?w zasob?w sieci: “The Infinite Verify Identifier” (UDI) kultowy p?zniej jako Habit Resource Locator (URL) natomiast Unalterable Resource Identifier (URI), jezyk sluzacy projektowaniu stron – HyperText Markup Idiolect (HTML) i protok?l przesylania dokument?w hipertekstowych Hypertext Bring Formality (HTTP).
World Deviating Spider’s web posiadala nastepstwo gildia wyr?zniajacych ja sposr?d innych system?w hipertekstowych, kt?re byly w?wczas dostepne, np. uzywal jednokierunkowych zamiast dwukierunkowych odnosnik?w. Umozliwialo owo uzytkownikowi przelaczenie sie z biezacego zasobu danych az do kolejnego, bez potrzeby reakcji ze okolica jego wlasciciela. W por?wnaniu do poprzednich system?w ulatwilo to wdrazanie nowych serwer?w natomiast przegladarek, przeciez wprowadzilo ustawiczny fine kettle of fish wygaslych odnosnik?w (hiperlaczy, link?w). W odr?znieniu od momentu poprzednik?w, takich gdy np. HyperCard, Globe Wide Web nie zostala skomercjalizowana, umozliwiajac rozbudowa serwer?w i publikowanych na nich stron, w postepowanie niezalezny natomiast rozszerzanie rozszerzen bez ograniczen licencyjnych. 30 kwietnia 1993, CERN oglosil, ze Society Broad Snare bedzie udostepniona bezplatnie gwoli kazdego. W ciagu kolejnych dw?ch miesiecy, po ogloszeniu, ze protok?l Gopher> nie bedzie juz dostepny bezplatnie, odnotowano duzy obnizenie jego popularnosci, na rzecz darmowej WWW. Najpopularniejsza przegladarka internetowa nie predzej byla ViolaWWW.
Punktem zwrotnym w historii World Extensive Trap bylo wtajemniczenie, w 1993 roku, przegladarki Mosaic, dzialajacej w trybie graficznym. Przegladarka ta zostala opracowana przy uzyciu zesp?l “Narodowego Centrum Zastosowan Superkomputer?w” (Patriotic Center notwithstanding Supercomputing Applications) na Uniwersytecie Illinois w Urbana-Champaign (NCSA-UIUC), kto prowadzony byl nie wczesniej przez Marca Andreessena. Mosaic byla finansowana za posrednictwem “Inicjatywe Wysokowydajnych Technik Obliczeniowych zas Komunikacyjnych” (High-Performance Computing and Communications Initiactive), powstalej dzieki “Ustawie o Wysokowydajnych Technikach Obliczeniowych oraz Komunikacyjnych” (Elevated Exhibition Computing and Communication Act) z 1991 roku, bedacej jednym z kilku opracowan dotyczacych rozwoju informatyki, zainicjowanych dzieki senatora Al Stab’a. Przed wprowadzeniem przegladarki graficznej Mosaic, strony internetowe nie posiadaly grafiki wplecionej bezposrednio w inskrypcja, natomiast popularnosc WWW byla mniejsza niz starszych protokol?w uzywanych dotychczas w Internecie, takich gdy Gopher azali WAIS – zlaczka graficzny przegladarki Mosaic uczynil WWW pewnosc siebie najpopularniejsza usluga internetowa.
World Wide Network Consortium (W3C) zostalo zalozone za sprawa Tima Bernersa-Lee po opuszczeniu za pomoca niego osrodka CERN, w pazdzierniku 1994 roku. Konsorcjum zostalo utworzone w Laboratorium Informatyki Bajanie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory as tudziez replacement for Computer Information, MIT/LCS), z pomoca agencji “Agencji Zaawansowanych Obronnych Projekt?w Badawczych” (Defense Advanced Experiment with Projects Intermediation, DARPA), bedacej pionierem w rozwoju Internetu, tudziez Komisji Europejskiej. Az do konca 1994 r., jak calkowita wielkosc stron internetowych stanowila ulamek ich obecnej liczby, multum sposr?d znanych dzis stron bylo juz uruchomionych, tudziez czesc sposr?d nich moglo stanowic inspiracje gwoli wielu wsp?lczesnych serwis?w internetowych.
Dzieki polaczeniu sposr?d Internetem, na calym swiecie zaczely powstawac serwery WWW, tworzac og?lnoswiatowe standardy nazewnictwa domen internetowych. Od czasu tamtej pory Berners-Lee odegral wielce aktywna lines w nadawaniu kierunku rozwoju standard?w sieciowych (takich jak np. jezyki znacznik?w, w kt?rych okolica internetowe sa tworzone), i w ostatnich latach opowiada on o swojej wizji Semantic Web. Domain Encyclopaedic Snare, dzieki latwemu az do opanowania interfejsowi obslugi, aktywnie rozpowszechnia informacje wewnatrz posrednictwem Internetu – tym samym odgrywa istotna r“le w jego popularyzacji – wzdluz, ze te dubel pojecia sa czesto mylone w powszechnym uzyciu: World Deviant Web nie jest calym Internetem, i zaledwie pewna zastosowanie zbudowana na jego bazie.
Cosmos Encyclopaedic Web zas Internet
Okreslenia: Delighted Broad Network i Internet sa czesto stosowane zamiennie w zyciu codziennym. Chociaz Men Considerable Net natomiast Internet nie sa jednym a tym samym. Internet owo og?lny technique polaczonych ze soba sieci komputerowych. W przeciwienstwie do Web, kt?ra jest jedna z uslug dzialajacych w Internecie. WWW jest zbiorem powiazanych ze soba zasob?w oraz dokument?w, polaczonych hiperlaczami natomiast URL-ami. Tresciwie m?wiac, Web jest aplikowanie dzialajaca w Internecie. Przegladanie stron internetowych WWW z reguly rozpoczyna sie ewentualnie od chwili wpisania adresu okolica w przegladarce internetowej, badz przez opowiesc linku az do tej strony czy tez linku do konkretnego zasobu. Nastepnie przegladarka wysyla do serwera WWW, na kt?rym zlokalizowana jest strona, sekwencja niewidzialnych gwoli nas zapytan, tak aby p?zniej pobrac zawartosc danej okolica zas wyswietlic ja na ekranie monitora.
Na poczatku tytul serwera (czesc adresu URL) jest dekodowana na adres IP wewnatrz pomoca globalnej, rozproszonej bazy danych znanej jak Kingdom Label System (DNS). Adres IP jest niezbedny, by m?c polaczyc sie z danym serwerem. Przegladarka nastepnie wywoluje wiadomy rezerwa, wysylajac zapytanie az do serwera okreslonego powyzszym adresem. W przypadku typowej okolica internetowej, przegladarka najprz?d pobiera jej wyklady HTML, analizuje go oraz nastepnie wysyla watpliwosc o reszte element?w wchodzacych w jej sklad (zdjecia, grafika, dzwieki, video, animacje). Statystyki mierzace popularnosc stron na og?l sa oparte o liczbe odwiedzin jednakze r?wniez o liczbe wyslanych na serwer zapytan, kt?re mialy miejsce.
Podczas pobierania plik?w z serwera WWW, przegladarki moga ostroznie skladac strone na ekranie w podejscie okreslony za pomoca jego kod komputerowy HTML, CSS albo inne jezyki skryptowe. Wszelkie zdjecia tudziez inne zasoby sa wlaczane do okolica, kt?ra uzytkownik widzi na ekranie. Wiekszosc stron internetowych zawiera hiperlacza umozliwiajace bezposrednie przechodzenie az do innych stron sposr?d nimi powiazanych, gotowych plik?w, kt?re mozna pobierac, dokument?w zr?dlowych, definicji oraz innych zasob?w internetowych. Taki klasa przydatnych material?w powiazanych ze soba w ciagu posrednictwem laczy hipertekstowych, nazwano “siecia informacji”. Udostepniajac te zac w Internecie, Tim Berners-Lee nazwal ja w listopadzie 1990 roku “Far-out Fully Spider’s web” (poczatkowo “WorldWideWeb”, tymczasem ?w zapis zostal p?zniej odrzucony).
Jakie korzysci przynosi WWW
WWW (lub coraz kr?cej: W3) jest realizacja idei nieograniczonego swiata informacji. Na jej powodzenie, pomijajac samym Internetem jako fizycznym nosnikiem, skladaja sie, przede wszystkim, nastepujace elementy:
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) – hipertekstowy jezyk znacznik?w, zrozumialy dla kazdej przegladarki, sluzacy formatowaniu zawartosci strony internetowej;
Hypertext Shift Protocol (HTTP) – protok?l lacznosciowy uzywany do przesylania stron internetowych;
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) – sample identyfikatora zasob?w w Internecie.
Prefiks WWW
Wiele adres?w internetowych zaczyna sie od czasu “www” ze wzgledu na dlugoletnia praktyke nazywania host?w internetowych (serwer?w) zgodnie sposr?d uslugami, kt?re oferowaly. Miano hosta gwoli serwera Net to najczesciej www, ano gdy ftp dla serwera FTP azaliz news lub nntp w celu serwer?w informacyjnych Usenet. Te nazwy host?w ukazuja sie, jako subdomeny w Sphere Choose Way (DNS), podczas gdy w przykladzie Aplikowanie takich subdomen nie jest wymagane. Gl?wny na swiecie serwer Entanglement nazywal sie, a masa stron internetowych istnieje bez prefiksu WWW, badz innych takich gdy “www2” , “secure” itp. Prefiksy subdomen nie maja zadnego praktycznego znaczenia, sa to z reguly nazwy nadane za pomoca administrator?w. Bez liku serwer?w internetowych jest no skonfigurowanych, tak aby korzystac sposr?d obu wersji adresu, r?wniez samej domeny () jak tudziez z subdomena (). W praktyce kieruja one uzytkownika dokladnie do tej samej strony.
W przypadku wpisania ale wrecz jednego specyficznego slowa w pasku adresu przegladarki, np.: apple , openoffice aplikowanie sama spr?buje dodac prefiks www oraz konc?wke np.: “.com”, “.org” czy tez “.net” natomiast przekieruje nas np. na strone “”, jednakowoz . Funkcje te zostaly wprowadzone we wczesnych wersjach przegladarki Mozilla Firefox (znanej ponizej roboczym tytulem Firebird) na poczatku 2003. Firma Microsoft otrzymala w 2008r clear w USA na owo samo rozwiazanie z tym, ze lecz wciaz w odniesieniu az do urzadzen mobilnych.
Przedrostki “http://” natomiast “https://” nalezy rozr?zniac. Hypertext Carry Formality (HTTP) zas HTTP Steady wyznaczaja protok?l komunikacyjny, kt?ry ma zostac uzyty do wysylania zas pobierania zawartosci strony. Protok?l HTTP jest podstawowym elementem dzialania struktury www natomiast HTTPS dodaje niezbedna warstwe ochronna w przypadku, gdy poufne informacje, takie podczas gdy hasla azaliz dane bankowe maja byc przesylane w publicznej sieci Internet. Przegladarki internetowe r?wniez automatycznie dopisuja ?w atmosphere (HTTPS), jesli zostanie jego osoba pominiety. Globalny szkic RFC 2396 okreslajacy postac adres?w internetowych to: ://?# , gdzie owo np. serwer internetowy (jak zas sciezka identyfikuje konkretna podstrone. Serwer przetwarza , kt?re moze np. w ciagu posrednictwem formularza wyslac dane do zewnetrznej wyszukiwarki, przez owo zawartosc wyswietlanej strony jest zalezna od czasu odebranych informacji zwrotnych. nie jest wysylany az do serwera. Okresla kt?ra czesc okolica ma byc wyswietlana uzytkownikowi domyslnie.
W jezyku angielskim www wymawiane jest za pomoca pojedyncze powiedzenie ciagu znak?w (double-u double-u double-u). Niekt?re kregi uzytkownik?w wymawiaja dub-dub-dub, jednak ten metoda nie jest jeszcze nazbyt powszechny. Angielski pisarz Douglas Adams zazartowal kiedys w “The Voluntary jego osoba Sunday (1999): “Everyone Wide Cobweb jest z tego co wiem jedynym wyrazeniem kt?rego skr?cona rodzaj jest trzy razy dluzsza od pelnej”. Okreslenie World Extreme Cobweb jest powszechnie tlumaczone na jezyk chinski jako: waxen wei wang, co doslownie oznacza “mn?stwo wymiar?w sieci”. Tlumaczenie owo bardzo porzadnie odzwierciedla koncepcje projektu oraz zalozenia WWW. Tim Berners-Lee zdefiniowal, iz wyrazenie Society Deviating Net powinno byc pisane w charakterze 3 osobne slowa bez zadnych dodatkowych lacznik?w.
Uzytkownicy komputer?w, kt?rzy oszczedzaja okres a pieniadze, oraz takze ci, kt?rzy poszukuja wygody zas rozrywki, sa narazeni na utrate prywatnosci w sieci. Na calym swiecie nad p?l miliarda os?b korzysta z serwis?w spolecznosciowych, tudziez mlodziez dorastajaca w dobie Internetu dokonuje kolejnej zmiany pokoleniowej. Sposr?d Facebooka, poczatkowo rozpowszechnionego posr?d amerykanskich student?w, korzysta dzis powyzej 70% uzytkownik?w sposr?d innych panstw niz USA. W 2009 roku na portalu uruchomiono trial nowych narzedzi, umozliwiajacych przystosowanie ochrony prywatnosci, jednakze na odwr?t 20% uzytkownik?w rozpoczelo korzystanie sposr?d nich. Notwithstanding serwisy wykorzystuja czesc powierzonych im danych uzytkownik?w az do cel?w reklamowych. Osoba korzystajaca sposr?d Internetu ma mozliwosc usuniecia historii przegladanych stron, zablokowania niekt?rych ciasteczek (cookies) tudziez wyskakujacych okienek, niemniej jednak nie zapewnia to pelnej ochrony prywatnosci.
Siec Network stala sie otwarta rozwiazanie dla przestepc?w rozprzestrzeniajacych zlosliwe aplikacja. Cyberprzestepczosc prowadzona w internecie moze skladac sie sposr?d kradziezy tozsamosci, oszustw, szpiegostwa i gromadzenia poufnych informacji. Polaczenie z internetem przewyzsza tradycyjne zagrozenia w celu bezpieczenstwa danych przetwarzanych w poblizu pomocy komputera, natomiast podczas gdy szacuje Google, okolo jedna na dziesiec stron internetowych moze zawierac zlosliwy kod komputerowy. Wiekszosc atak?w opartych na sieci Trap odbywa sie sposr?d poziomu legalnych stron internetowych, i najczesciej, gdy szacuje firma Sophos, ataki sa prowadzone w Stanach Zjednoczonych, Chinach Kreator stron www zas Rosji. Najpowszechniejszym typem zagrozen jest SQL injection. Za pomoca jezyka HTML i URI siec Network zostala r?wniez narazona na ataki, takie kiedy cross-site scripting (XSS), kt?re pojawily sie pospolu sposr?d wprowadzeniem JavaScript, nastepnie zostaly rozszerzone do pewnego stopnia dzieki Cobweb 2.0 a Ajax, uzywajace duzych ilosci skrypt?w. Dzis szacunkowo 70% wszystkich stron internetowych jest niezabezpieczonych przed atakami XSS.
Archiwizacja stron WWW
Z bezzwlocznie czasu masa zasob?w publikowanych w Internecie zanika, zostaje przeniesionych, zaktualizowanych badz calkowicie zmienia sie ich zawartosc. Owo sprawia, ze niekt?re odnosniki staja sie przestarzale. Okresla sie je w tamtym czasie mianem “martwych odnosnik?w” (ang. dead links). Stew ?w spowodowal, ze podjeto dzialania zaradcze, oraz np. Internet Archive, dzialajace od momentu 1996 roku, jest w tej chwili w najwiekszym stopniu znana instytucja zajmujaca sie archiwizacja zasob?w Internetu.
Funkcjonowanie World Wide Network w Internecie oraz obocznosc informacji pomiedzy komputerami opiera sie na wielu standardach natomiast specyfikacjach technicznych. Duza czesc tych dokument?w to opracowania Superb Encyclopaedic Entanglement Consortium (W3C), kierowanego za pomoca Berners’a-Lee, zas niekt?re sposr?d nich sa dzielem Internet Engineering Upbraid Soldiers (IETF) natomiast innych organizacji.
Gdy wspominamy o standardach internetowych najczesciej mamy az do czynienia z nastepujacymi publikacjami:
Zalecenia W3C dla jezyk?w znacznik?w, zwlaszcza HTML zas XHTML. Okreslaja whole struktury interpretacji dokument?w hipertekstowych.
Zalecenia W3C w celu arkuszy styl?w, zwlaszcza CSS.
Standardy ECMAScript (zazwyczaj w formie JavaScript), z ECMA International.
Zalecenia W3C dotyczace modelowania dokument?w obiektowych.
Dodatkowe publikacje dostarczaja definicji innych podstawowych technologii stosowanych w Life Encyclopaedic Cobweb, min.:
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), kto jest uniwersalnym systemem odniesien az do zasob?w w Internecie, takich podczas gdy dokumenty hipertekstowe oraz obrazy. URI, czesto nazywane URL jest definiowane dzieki IETF RFC 3986 STD / 66: Invariable Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax.
Protok?l HTTP, i ostro RFC 2616: HTTP/1.1 i RFC 2617: Autoryzacja HTTP, kt?re okreslaja, gdy przegladark

Kierowanie powinno sie do nauk ekonomicznych. Od poczatku XX wieku, od chwili zarzadzanie próbowano oprzec na naukowych podstawach, az do lat 60. XX wieku kierowanie pojmowane bylo jak czyn kierownicze, obejmujace nastepujace sekwencje postepowania: Planowanie, Organizowanie, Decydowanie, Argumentacja tudziez Kontrolowanie, nazywane klasycznymi funkcjami zarzadzania. Klasyczne funkcje zarzadzania wyróznil najwazniejszy “klasyk” zarzadzania Henri Fayol. Jakkolwiek poglad na swiat zarzadzania zmienil sie od tego czasu radykalnie, wiec pozadane byloby ponowic sie az do starszej, z wiekszym natezeniem ogólnej definicji: zarzadzanie owo bieglosc badz praktyka rozumnego stosowania srodków w celu osiagniecia wyznaczonych celów.
(Zob. tez: Zarzadzanie, Koordynowanie)
Inne definicje zarzadzania:
Zarzadzanie jest sztuka osiagania zamierzonych rezultatów za pomoca innych ludzi, zarzadzajacy (menedzerowie) osiagaja cele organizacji na krzyz organizowanie pracy innych, oraz nie z wykorzystaniem praktykowanie zadan osobiscie.
Zarzadzanie owo funkcjonowanie kierownicza polegajaca na ustalaniu celów tudziez powodowaniu ich realizacji w organizacjach podleglych zarzadzajacemu, na podstawie wlasnosci srodków produkcji albo dyspozycji nimi (wg Gilinskiego).
Zarzadzanie owo dzialanie polegajace na dysponowaniu zasobami (wg prof. T. Pszczolowskiego).
Zarzadzanie to asortyment dzialan (planowanie, organizowanie, uzasadnianie, kontrola) skierowanych na zasoby organizacji (ludzkie, finansowe, rzeczowe, informacyjne) wykorzystywanych sposród zamiarem osiagniecia celów organizacji. (wg Griffina).
Zarzadzanie to porzadkowanie chaosu (wg prof. B.R. Kuca)
W odniesieniu do organizacji gospodarczych w zamian slowa kierowanie uzywa sie czasami terminu zarzadzanie biznesu (ang. Business Administration). Funkcja administracji biznesu ujmuje krótkie okreslenie: “Administracja biznesu ma umozliwic, by zostalo zrobione to, co ma stanowic zrobione”. Administracja biznesu jest dyscyplina akademicka, i lancuch uniwersytetów a szkól biznesu nadaje poziom magistra sposród tej dyscypliny (Master of Business Administration, w skrócie MBA).
Spis tresci
1 Zagadnienie zarzadzania
2 Rzecz zarzadzania w organizacjach
3 Zarzadzanie operacyjne – administracja czynnikami konkurencyjnosci
4 Inne podmioty zarzadzania
5 Teoretycy zarzadzania
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Przedmiot zarzadzania
Podmiot zarzadzajacy nie stale jest tym, kto wyznacza cele. Przykladem takiej sytuacji przypuszczalnie egzystowac organizacja wojskowa, która ma az do spelnienia okreslona misje, jednak ani bialoglowa sama, ani jej dowódcy (podmioty zarzadzajace) nie formuluja tej misji. Formuluja jednak zadania (co jest do zrobienia) oraz okreslaja wartosci docelowe (ang. targets), alias wyniki, jakie trzeba dochrapac sie. Przyklad ów pokazuje, ze organizacja jest srodkiem osiagania celów, zas w nastepstwie tego jest przedmiotem zarzadzania. Inne typowe przedmioty zarzadzania majace identycznosc owo zagroda, grupa ludzi, czlon. Z reguly wypelniaja one klasyczne funkcje zarzadzania, tym samym – nie liczac wyjatki – powiemy, ze kwestia zarzadzania majacy identycznosc jest na suma podmiotem zarzadzania.
Z wyjatkiem szczególnych przypadków, kiedy np. zarzadzanie osobistym budzetem za pomoca pojedyncza osobe ewentualnie komenderowanie gospodarstwa w pelni samowystarczalnego, osiaganie zamierzonych wyników zalezy w czesci odkad dzialania innych podmiotów. Tym samym kierowanie obejmuje równiez uklady (zwiazki) podmiotu z otoczeniem.
Kazdy podmiot w swym dzialaniu wykorzystuje zasoby. Zasoby sa przedmiotem zarzadzania. Az do najwazniejszych naleza zasoby ludzkie (sila robocza zas jej kwalifikacje), zasoby finansowe, aktywa materialne (srodki trwale) oraz trwanie. W ostatnim czasie coraz to wiekszego znaczenia w dzialaniu organizacji nabieraja zasoby srodowiska naturalnego a zasoby niematerialne (np. licencje, prawa autorskie), erudycja i zaleznosci z otoczeniem spoleczno-gospodarczym zaliczane do zasobów kapitalu niematerialnego (ang. intangibles, intangible capital). Skutkiem tego w zarzadzaniu zasobami wyrózniamy najczesciej:
zarzadzanie zasobami ludzkimi,
zarzadzanie finansowe,
zarzadzanie aktywami,
zarzadzanie czasem,
zarzadzanie srodowiskiem,
zarzadzanie wiedza,
Administracja Warszawa
zarzadzanie kultura
zarzadzanie relacjami, w zasadzie istotne ostatnimi czasy administracja zwiazkami z klientem,
zarzadzanie kapitalem niematerialnym,
zarzadzanie problemami,
zarzadzanie konfliktami,
zarzadzanie stresem,
zarzadzanie jakoscia,
zarzadzanie ryzykiem,
zarzadzanie emocjami,
zarzadzanie nieruchomosciami,
zarzadzanie wartoscia firmy – Value Based Management.
Przedmiot zarzadzania w organizacjach
Przeznaczeniem organizacji jest systematyzowanie (porzadkowanie) dzialania jej uczestników w taki sposób, by realizowala swa misje, osiagala pozadane wyniki badz wykonywala swe zadania obok optymalnym wykorzystaniu (zuzyciu) zasobów.
Przedmiotem zarzadzania ogólnego (ang. General Management) jest zrzeszenie jak caloksztalt. Do zadan zarzadzania ogólnego powinno sie kierowanie strategiczne, budowanie struktur organizacyjnych zas administracja zasobami ludzkimi tudziez aktywami. Z wyjatkiem tego w nowym paradygmacie zarzadzania kladzie sie obfity podkreslenie na rzad natomiast formowanie kultury korporacyjnej.
Przedmiotem zarzadzania funkcjonalnego sa zadania czy tez autonomicznych czesci organizacji, które nazywamy funkcjami. Wedlug jednej z definicji (H. James Harrington) stolek w organizacji owo orkiestra ludzi wykonujacych owo samo zadanie. Najwazniejsza dziedzina zarzadzania funkcjonalnego jest kierowanie operacjami, utozsamiane niegdys sposród zarzadzaniem produkcja, a dzien dzisiejszy nierzadko okreslane ogólniej jako kierowanie wytwarzaniem wyrobów a uslug. Dzisiaj wzgledne wplyw zarzadzania funkcjonalnego zmniejsza sie, bo w coraz to wiekszym stopniu uzupelniane jest ono oraz czesciowo zastepowane zarzadzaniem procesowym.
Przechodzenie z zarzadzania funkcjonalnego na zarzadzanie procesowe jest zjawiskiem charakterystycznym w celu wspomnianej zmiany paradygmatu zarzadzania. W tym nowym paradygmacie kierowanie operacjami mozna dotyczyc jak administracja czynnikami konkurencyjnosci.
Zarzadzanie operacyjne – zarzadzanie czynnikami konkurencyjnosci
Wyróznia sie trójka klasyczne czynniki konkurencyjnosci: postac, koszt a dostawa. Zapewnienie wymaganej dzieki gielda jakosci produktu (wyrobu lub uslugi wzglednie pakietu produkty+uslugi), kosztu nabycia oraz uzytkowania produktu tudziez wymaganej ilosci, róznorodnosci, terminowosci dostaw produktu zas szybkosci realizacji zamówien decyduje o konkurencyjnosci produktu, inaczej o jego atrakcyjnosci rynkowej w porównaniu sposród innymi produktami. Nie zwazajac na czynników klasycznych duzego znaczenia nabieraja swiezo takie czynniki, kiedy sprawnosc obslugi klientów (ang. Customer Service) a cechy jakosci wykraczajace poza forma konstrukcji a wykonania, np. ekologicznosc tudziez bezpieczenstwo produktu a procesu produkcji.
Zapewnienie jakosci na podejscie uporzadkowany jest zadaniem kontroli jakosci. Nadzorowanie jakosci jest funkcja organizacyjna. Monitoring jakosci wykonuje swoje obowiazek w ów modus, ze sposród wytworzonych produktów wybiera produkty spelniajace wymagania zas kwalifikuje je jak nadajace sie az do przekazania klientowi zewnetrznemu czy tez wewnetrznemu. Produkty nie spelniajace wymagan zostaja odrzucone za sprawa kontrole jakosci natomiast kierowane do poprawek, az do naprawy badz do zlomowania.
Zapewnienie jakosci na procedura nowoczesny (w nowym paradygmacie zarzadzania) polega na zapewnieniu doskonalosci procesu wytwarzania oraz dostarczania. Podstawa takiego postepowania jest stwierdzenie, ze jesli robota na kazdym etapie procesu jest wysokiej jakosci, to na wyjsciu procesu powstaje towar wysokiej jakosci. W praktyce parametry charakteryzujace forma produktu musza miescic sie w okreslonych natomiast waskich granicach. Jesli rzeczywiscie jest, mówi sie, ze tok jest stabilny. Kiedy choc zostanie stwierdzone, iz blizej nie okreslony z parametrów jakosci produktu nie miesci sie w zadanych granicach, wypada poszukac w procesie miejsc, które sa przyczyna defektu, zas w nastepnej kolejnosci skasowac owe przyczyny. W ten metoda realizowane jest sprzezenie zwrotne posrodku wyjsciem procesu, a miejscami w procesie decydujacymi o jego doskonalosci.
Opisany postepowanie sterowania procesem jest istota Kompleksowego Systemu Sterowania dzieki Jakosc – (ang. TQC – Total Quality Control). W praktyce olbrzymia gros procesów owo procesy nieciagle. W takich procesach w podobny sposób przetwarzanie, kiedy natomiast postac produktu na wyjsciu maja nature statystyczna. W odniesieniu do takich przypadków a w odniesieniu az do procesów biznesowych mówimy o statystycznym sterowaniu procesami (ang. SPC – Statistical Process Control).
Zarzadzanie kosztami na podejscie tradycyjny ma na celu redukcje kosztów dzialania organizacji. Dwa najpowszechniejsze srodki prowadzace az do tego to kontroling kosztów polegajacy na narzuceniu dyscypliny budzetowej (patrz: budzet, budzetowanie) wszystkim komórkom organizacyjnym zas czynienie oszczednosci.
W zarzadzaniu procesowym w zamian o redukcji kosztów mówi sie o redukcji strat. Podstawa programu redukcji strat jest pogrupowanie strat. W odniesieniu az do niektórych procesów zas funkcji, takich kiedy bieg produkcji, azali utrzymanie ruchu, punktem wyjscia do klasyfikacji strat jest segmentacja standardowa (np. siódemka rodzajów strat produkcyjnych, tzw. Szesc Wielkich Strat w pierwszym standardzie Total Productive Maintenance, szesnascie glównych strat w drugim standardzie tego systemu). W praktyce najpowszechniejszym przedsiewzieciem majacym na celu redukcje strat jest eliminowanie z procesu wszystkich elementów, które nie przynosza wartosci dodanej, sa marnotrawstwem (patrz Muda). Przedsiewzieciem kompleksowym jest wyszczuplanie procesów (ang. streamlining). Z reguly nie ogranicza sie ono az do eliminowania elementów zbednych, jednak wymaga przeprojektowania procesu. Podstawowa metodologia wyszczuplania procesów, podobnie jak produkcyjnych kiedy tudziez biznesowych, jest inzynieria przemyslowa – metodologia wspierajaca administracja operacyjne, traktowana cyklicznie jak samodzielna zakres zarzadzania.
Najprostszy casus konkurowania w oparciu o koszty owo konkurencja cenowa. Na niektórych rynkach, zwlaszcza rynkach profesjonalnych, wysoka wyplata produktu jest akceptowana u dolu warunkiem niskich kosztów eksploatacji produktu a niskich kosztów wylaczenia produktu z eksploatacji. W takich przypadkach produkt konkursowy kosztowo to artykul o niskim koszcie cyklu zycia.
Dostawa jak element konkurencyjnosci jest odpowiednio wiazka kilku róznych czynników, które – zaleznie od momentu kontekst (gl. od chwili obszaru produktowo-rynkowego zas sytuacji konkurencyjnej) – maja wieksze wzglednie mniejsze wplyw. Az do najwazniejszych z nich trzeba rzetelnosc dostaw, inaczej wypelnianie za sprawa dostawce obietnic dotyczacych terminu dostawy. Dzisiaj rosnie wplyw szybkosci dostaw, alias czasu, jaki uplywa od czasu momentu otrzymania zamówienia dzieki dostawce do momentu dostarczenia towaru na pozycja przeznaczenia. Czynnikiem podstawowym jest rekojmia wymaganej ilosci towaru, natomiast w ramach tego rosnie ranga róznorodnosci produktów. Rynek wymaga bo raz za razem bardziej róznorodnych produktów dostarczanych coraz czesciej natomiast w coraz mniejszych partiach. Dokonanie tego warunku wymaga elastycznosci systemu produkcyjnego, która jest tym wieksza, im krótszy czas tudziez mniejszy koszt przestawiania (przezbrajania – patrz SMED).
Jak wspomniano do góry, jakosc, cena oraz dostawa nie sa jedynymi czynnikami konkurencyjnosci. Poreka pozostalych waznych w tym momencie czynników konkurencyjnosci odbywa sie na skros administracja srodowiskiem i zarzadzanie bezpieczenstwem.
Wyszczuplanie procesu w wiekszosci wypadków prowadzi w tym samym czasie do jego przyspieszenia.
Prawidlowo prowadzone przeprojektowanie procesu pozwala dochrapac sie naraz redukcje kosztów a poprawe jakosci produktu. Przeprojektowanie radykalne procesów biznesowych owo reengineering, jaki praktyczny jest w tym momencie nadzwyczaj nieczesto, bo radykalizm jego metodologii przynosi w warunkach przemyslowych na caloksztalt wiecej efektów negatywnych, niz pozytywnych. Az do mniej radykalnych metodologii doskonalenia procesów naleza Business Process Redesigning zas Ulepszanie Procesów Biznesowych (ang. Business Process Improvement).
Inne podmioty zarzadzania
Gospodarka przyswajajaca (zbieractwo, lowiectwo, lowienie ryb, pierwotne rolnictwo) wykorzystuje ograniczone zasoby naturalne, w nastepstwie tego jej celem jest nie na odwrót nabywanie a eksploatacja tych zasobów, atoli plus ich asekuracja. Wystepuja tu tylko niektóre, niezbedne elementy zarzadzania, kiedy rozczlonkowanie pracy, programowanie robót gospodarskich natomiast koordynowanie ich i proste czynnosci administracyjne, jak rejestracja inwentarza.
W gospodarce pierwotnej (samowystarczalnej) podobnie kiedy w gospodarce przyswajajacej a w wielu formach gospodarki kolektywnej (np. zagospodarowanie dzialów wodnych, gospodarka lesna) robota na caloksztalt nie ma ustalonej ceny, wiec nie musi nastepowac po tej stronie w ogóle kierowanie finansowe. Nie wystepuje po tej stronie administracja strategiczne, tudziez zarzadzanie operacyjne ogranicza sie az do organizacji pracy.
W gospodarstwach rolnych natomiast w najprostszych formach dzialalnosci gospodarczej, podczas gdy znikomy kupiectwo, uslugi tudziez fabrykacja (rzemioslo) wystepuja elementy strategii oraz zarzadzania zasobami (poniewaz wystepuje substytucja pracy, kapitalu tudziez energii), administracja jakoscia a zrzeszenie pracy. Kategoria wynikowa jest tedy zysk ewentualnie zarobek, wystepuje ergo administracja zakupami, jednakze nie wystepuje administracja kosztami.
W gospodarstwach domowych podstawowym zagadnieniem zarzadzania jest alokacja dochodu oraz dysponowanych zasobów pracy tudziez czasu posrodku konsumpcje biezaca (w tym wolne, laba zas rozrywka), oszczednosci a inwestycje w czas przyszly (np. edukacje).
Szczególna dziedzina zarzadzania jest zarzadzanie osobiste, którego podmiotem jest czlon, i przedmiotem na pelnia jej budzet czasu. Zarzadzanie kiedy niekiedy za paragraf wyjscia bierze uswiadomienie sobie przez jednostke hierarchii wartosci dotyczacej tego, co jest dla niej wazne w jej zyciu. Celem jest racjonalne gospodarowanie nieraz, tzn. alokowanie go wg priorytetów wynikajacych z owej refleksji. Wprawa zarzadzania czasem bywa plus istotnym atutem pracownika w organizacji.
Inna szczególna dziedzina zarzadzania sa sytuacje szczególne; wyróznia sie na przyklad administracja katastrofami, zarzadzanie konfliktami, administracja kryzysowe.
Historycznie najwczesniejsza, w pelni dojrzala dziedzina zarzadzania jest administracja terytorialna natomiast panstwowa. Najwczesniej uksztaltowala sie kierowanie w miejsce (prawdopodobnie w 2 polowie VI tysiaclecia p.n.e.), bowiem miasta powstaly przedtem powstaly panstwa.
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