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Luke 10 in Austin

Here are some comments from the attendees of the Luke10 Training happening right now in Austin:

This conference has been transformational in my understanding and thinking about the House Church. The interactive times were amazing. I’ve seen things in Scripture that I have never seen or understood before. God bless you ministry!

Shawn Sullivan, Impact Ministries

It continues to amaze us the way God moves upon his people when they cometogether in small family setting, interacting amongst each other concerning the things of the Lord. We’re so thankful for the Dale’s who understand this point and are holding conferences concerning the simple church in this setting. God has truly blessed us and His revelation has blessed us with understanding that we needed. We hope that these Luke 10 conferences can go across the United States. It is truly a unique way of conferencing around home churches.

Bob and Virginia

God not only opened my eyes to new things and paradigms of ministry, but He ministered to me in my personal walk with Him. The week-long format of living together in community at Luke 10 allowed us to minister into each others hearts as we sought God for His direction and revelation in our lives. For me, God deepened, even turning upside down, my understanding of listening to the Holy Spirit and letting the Lord be in control. Our study of Luke 10 opened my heart to the love and power of blessing others in the Lord which opens the doors to His gospel coming not in word but in power. I came to learn more about house churches, but I learned God’s heart and His word in my life, empowering the explosion of what He is doing among the nations. Thank you, Tony and Felicity. Thank you Lord—Your kingdom come.

Carrie Woodard, Kansas City, MO

Having made a fresh commitment to make disciples and form them into small communities of Christ, Priscilla and I came to the Luke 10 Training Course to receive from others who desire the same and are more experienced. We have been blessed beyond what we could have imagined!

We have seen gifts of the Holy Spirit stirred up and are going away with a passion to reach the lost through rapid church planting. It has been such a blessing to be with everyone over these 6 days. We love you all. Thank you Tony and Felicity for your faithfulness and your obvious love for Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Because His love has so permeated your lives, your love flows to others – which you abundantly released upon us.

Charles and Priscilla Tims, Memphis, TN.

The Luke 10 conference offered wonderful fellowship, impartation, and vision for the neighborhoods of our nation. His kingdom is coming, the tide is rising and He is settling His heart for the house-church within His people. Breathe on us breath of God! Thanks Tony and Felicity! You are a gift.

Julie Ross

What a blessing the Luke 10 has been. We are grateful for the impartation and the experience of church life, great fellowship, awesome food and vision for taking the church into our neighborhoods and nations.

Bill Ross

Awesome time of sharing, confirmation, and encouragement….

John Ivey

Dreams long dead coming alive through this wonderful time of refreshing. And yet the revelation of Jesus in our hearts is still to unfold beyond imagination. My borders just got enlarged. Thank you, Tony and Felicity, for pouring out the love of God upon us and giving us a place to receive marvelous impartations of the Spirit. It will be exciting to see what comes forth.

Blessings, Karen

I think that, for me, this has probably been the most significant conference I have ever been to, although it may quite well NOT be the most significant one in the years to come in light of what the Holy Spirit is doing these days. I look forward to the adventure of it all and pray for strength for the times when it is more obvious that we are in a war with a desperate enemy who is increasingly cornered and soon to be completely overcome! God bless you!

Henry A. Digby

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I stood on a vast and empty plain, darkened by a swirling mass of rain clouds overhead. As lightening split the sky, I saw I was totally and utterly alone.
No other warriors stood nearby, none were within sight. A sword rested in one hand, and a shield in the other. From behind me a noise grew louder like the distant roll of thunder across the plains. I turned to see a wave of demons running toward me. In vain I scan the land for help – I am alone. I raise my eyes and plant my feet firmly to face the horde closing in.
“Well at least I have my shield and my sword. They alone have never failed me yet.” I mutter aloud. “Oh Jesus, give me victory; let the wounds be few.”
Raising my shield and swinging my sword, the hord of demons descend upon me. With the thrust of my blade – desperate, angry but true. The shield blocks blow after blow. The blade finds its mark.
“You will not, in Jesus’ name, win this day. You are defeated foes.” I scream as my blade runs another demon thru.
Suddenly sharp burning pain courses through my back. I scream. An enemies blade has found its home: my backside left uncovered. In anguish I turn and with a wild swing behead the accursed foe. But the momentum of the swing goes to far and I stumble and fall to the ground.
Expecting a death blow from above, I brace myself for defeat. The blow never comes, all is quiet until…I hear a snarl. Looking up from where I lay all the demons lie dead on the ground, all but one. I see the prince of demons looking hideous. A huge blade in his hand, his armour strong and sure, hate filling his eyes.
“I could kill you where you lie, but I prefer the pleasure of killing you while you stand.” He snarls.
“So you are the one behind this attack?” I ask.
“I was sent to destroy you.”He replies.
“Over me you have no power – for in Jesus’ name you are defeated foe.”
“Well, we will see – Christian.” He spat.
Pushing myself up, I look down and find my clothes splattered with the blood of my enemies.
Rising to face him, I cry: “This day will my God deliver you into my hands. Your blood will stain this land.”
He snarls again. Suddenly he leaps towards me, lightening splitting the sky as our blades meet in mid-air. This one is indeed strong and powerful – more so than any I have faced before. Fighting with all my might, I repel him and drive him back. But his counter moves are swift and strong. We fight for hours. With waning strength and dispair growing in my heart, I glance around the empty plain for help – I am alone.
With shattering a sound, his blade lands on my shield.
A piece breaks off. Blow after blow is rained down on my shield, beating me backwards and to my knees. With one final blow my shield is shattered. Blood dripping from wounds where my blade found its mark, the prince steps backwards and laughs.
“You are alone, you pitiful Christian. Did you really think someone would come? My game is always to get you alone and here in this wilderness of dispair to finish you off.”
“Oh Jesus, my Lord, please come to my aid – my foes are overtaking me now.” I whisper.
“Stand up you defeated Christian – die on you feet like all the others.” He screams.
As the prince lunges for his death blow I bring my sword up off the ground burying it deep in his side.
His blood splatters my face. His blade drops to the ground. He staggers and falls dead. “Today, Jesus has victory over you.”
I stand over my defeated foe knowing joy should be flooding my heart. But there is no joy in this victory, for I am alone. Lungs heaving with exhaustion, as my sword drops from my hand, the clang on the ground is the release of my heart. I fall to my knees and cry. Tomorrow will mean another demon to fight – tomorrow, I will still be alone.

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