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Everything I know about Church Planting I learned in Network Marketing

It seems crazy, but the best training I've had on how to reach people and plant churches has come from my days in a network marketing business. I was mentored and trained (or was it discipled) and shown by example how to reach people with a business opportunity and give them hope. Isn't that what the gospel is supposed to do? Give people hope.

So many concepts, like starting a new meeting in someones house if there's not an existing meeting close by for them to plug into. Contacting new people every day. Showing the plan every day. The same habits when applied to evangelism and church planting would make one so effective. Even the concept of pooring your life into a few leaders who will then reach others is a concept taught extensively in the business world. I was always amazed when I would sit in arena with 5,000 business owners and someone would ask from stage, how many of you have shown the plan 3+ times a week for the last 90 days. Only 1 or 2 people would stand up. The moral of the story, it doesn't take many leaders who are willing to really dedicate their lives to something to reach 1000's of people.

What can we learn about reaching people from the world of business?

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