The Black Swan Effect

A response to gender hierarchy in the church



The Black Swan Effect: A Response to Gender Hierarchy in the Church is now available in both paperback and for Kindle!

Here’s a little about the book:

All it took was one. One black swan changed people’s minds forever.

For too long women have held back because of church tradition and a few challenging Scriptures that stand against the general tenor of the Bible. The Black Swan Effect presents a vision of men and women working together, as equals, side by side, in the Kingdom. Men willing to champion women as they boldly break through the barriers that have held them back. Women daring to step out and follow the Holy Spirit where they’ve never gone before.

Three primary motivations propel most Christians into a discussion about women in ministry:

  • Many conclude there’s no better way to increase God’s missions workforce than to fully deploy women to use their spiritual gifts and God-given capacities. Even within the simple/organic/house church movement, where there are no boundaries for what a woman can do, women rarely take the initiative. But imagine if women understood they are free to make disciples, baptize, start churches, teach…. What might happen if men and women partner together for the harvest?
  • Some are asking theological questions. They are investigating how the Bible portrays women, especially leaders. How did Jesus treat women? Were the New Testament writers—in particular, the apostle Paul—misogynists? Are there alternative interpretations for the really difficult passages of Scripture?
  • Others are drawn to this discussion because of issues related to justice and human dignity around the world and in the church. As they study Scripture, they can’t even imagine a God who would discriminate against women.

Fourteen authors (both male and female) contribute to these themes, each writing from their own expertise, the whole being woven together into a single narrative that includes exciting stories of God using women today.

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