Free novel by Steve Smith, author of T4T

I have been very challenged and inspired by the book, T4T over recent weeks. It encapsulates the principles of rapid disciple-making movements in an easy to read and apply format.

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The main author, Steve Smith, has just finished a book, The Final Assault: A Novel about Finishing the Task that covers these same principles. He is offering it free for this week only. Obviously I haven't yet had a chance to read it, but it comes highly recommended by people I trust, and I wanted to let the readers of my blog have the opportunity for a free copy. Here is part of an email I received:

CPM Training Colleagues!

See my note below about a novel I have self-published to help us mobilize believers & churches effectively. The book ties in well to the sacrifice, faith and reproducible ways we need for CPMs. For this week only anyone can download it for free. 

Can you guys help me by sending this to any trainers and colleagues worldwide? Feel free to send to your training networks.  Feel free to send this to your personnel and prayer networks. 

Together may we see His kingdom come!

Steve Smith – Singapore 

As an attempt to mobilize the worldwide church to finish the task, I have finally published a novel that has been 18 years in the making from my USA church planting/pastoring days to my Strategy Coordinator for an unreached people group days to my CPM trainer days to my current role in Southeast Asia. Its goal is to provide a fast-paced, inspiring, readable alternative to average believers and pastors that might not read a normal book on missions.


This novel follows multiple intertwined story lines revolving around a small church pastor in Los Angeles who gets captivated by the ancient mission of the church to finish the task of engaging all people groups with the gospel. With the finish line in sight, this group begins to rally Christians around the world by their dedication and wartime mindset to join them in final assault on the enemy’s ground. 

Their goal is to be the in the last generation that welcomes the return of Christ. Swirling around this dedicated, growing band are the events that Revelation describes will assault the kingdom before the end. The novel follows a captivating, realistic (yet fantastic) story line of the enemy and his mechanisms to attempt to thwart this final run for the finish line.  The book finishes in a glorious climax that makes the sacrifices more than worth it. 

The novel incorporates faith-filling and practical pieces that will inspire believers and churches in HOW to get involved in the task seriously, how to plant reproducing churches and even how to tie it into current best practices. 

As the church becomes sufficiently mobilized around the world and walks in great devotion to the Lord and His Commission, we CAN finish the task. Help us spread the word! 


Since I am self-publishing this on Kindle (not hardcopy), I have been able to price this very cheaply to put it in as many hands as possible, including a limited-time free offer. There are multiple ways people can get this onto their Kindle or Kindle Reader (almost any computer, pad or smartphone can download Kindle Reader for free):

·        Purchase it on Amazon for just $2.99


§  (To get a free Kindle reader for almost any platform, go to the following website:

·        Amazon Prime members can borrow it for free for the next 90 days

·        Special 5-day offer – From approximately April 10-14, 2012 (Pacific Standard Time) anyone can download this book for FREE from Amazon (see website above) on their Kindle. Please let as many people as possible know about this. I would like to request that downloaders post a review on Amazon if possible. 


I would like to ask your help in not only reading the book but placing a review on the Amazon website. This will help us get the word out as we try to mobilize the church worldwide. 


I would like to ask you to forward this email to as many people as possible, especially church and mission leaders to distribute to their email networks. Let’s get the word out so that the church may be built up and equipped for its calling. 

Thanks for your help! 

Steve Smith